Square Enix denies Final Fantasy XI shutdown rumors as game turns 20

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A milestone: Final Fantasy XI--the Final Fantasy series' first MMO--turned 20 this week and remains playable online. With new content coming, the game's developers have indicated that won't change anytime soon despite the explosive popularity of its successor.

In an interview with Famitsu this week, the producer and director of Final Fantasy XI dispelled rumors that Square Enix was planning to shut down the aging MMORPG this year. Those rumors may originate from the cancellation of the mobile port last year.

Final Fantasy XI originally launched on PlayStation 2 and PC in 2002, and on Xbox 360 in 2006. However, Square Enix took the PS2 and 360 versions offline in 2016, and the game has since been PC-only. The cessation and cancellation of support for different platforms don't signify the end of a game's life, though. Despite the runaway success of the more recent Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix still releases new content for Final Fantasy XI.

Square Enix executive Naoki Yoshida

For the anniversary, the company released a new installment of the latest expansion and is offering rewards to players who log in this month. Square Enix also launched two anniversary websites for Final Fantasy XI and will hold a Reddit AMA with its developers on May 23.

Final Fantasy XI isn't the only MMO still going after multiple decades. Runescape is just a year older, and EverQuest has operated continuously since 1999. Among the oldest still-playable MMOs are Ultima Online (1997) and Meridian 59 (1996).

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Oh they won't shut it down...However, I do think that since 14 is still going strong they might try to take a chance to make it all about NFTs somehow or at the very least the most gacha infested thing you could imagine.

Given the fact they decided to sell most of their western properties worries me so I expect a veeeery slow but sure move from Square to basically turn into another Konami because I just don't think they can deliver on a new FF at this point. They might have a half way decent second chapter for 7 remake in them but there's no way that's ever going to be properly finished it will either be left incomplete or cram everything that remains to be remade as quickly as possible to get it out of the door and it will suffer.