Square Enix has misplaced code for some of its older games

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Google’s Stadia has ignited a firestorm of discussion involving the possibility of publishers making their back catalogs available through a subscription / streaming service. One name associated with the idea is Square Enix but as Game Informer found out this week at E3, there’s a major hurdle preventing the company from doing so.

President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda told the publication that he is embarrassed to admit it but “in some cases, we don’t know where the code is anymore.” That’s right, Square Enix apparently lost some of its earlier games.

“It's very hard to find them sometimes, because back in the day you just made them and put them out there and you were done – you didn't think of how you were going to sell them down the road.”

Matsuda didn’t say which specific titles had gone missing but did share that in one case, a developer that left the company took code with him on his PC. Fortunately, the code in that case was able to be retrieved without incident.

It’s not uncommon for source code to get away from a publisher. A few years back, the source code for NBA Jam Extreme and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was found on old hardware from Acclaim’s 2004 bankruptcy sale.

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This would have never happened had I been an employee there. r/datahoarder fo life
it seems in this case it's more a licensing issue (dev vs publisher) rather than a logistical issue.
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Well, as long as they don't loose the code for the original DOOM I'm cool .......
Well, as long as they don't loose the code for the original DOOM I'm cool .......
True, because Carmack open sourced it ages ago. So if it disappears then the same is probably true for civilization.
SquareEnix doesn't and never has owned the Doom franchise. You're both thinking of Bethesda.
I see you’re immune to sarcasm... way to go!

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I see that the sarcasm indicator( /s ) was not used. Therefore it seemed from the outside that the comment was made by someone who seemed misinformed... Thus my response. If you're going to make a sarcastic remark, denote such by using the proper indication. This is an internet forum, not real life. We can't see/perceive vocal intonation or inflection through text.
Wasn’t my comment.... I just decided to use my brain... but hey, whatever floats your boat...
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Did I say it was your comment? No. Reading comprehension is important, as is contextual comprehension. If you're going to attack someone or their comment, make sure you fully understand the meaning and context of what they said without making assumptions. Otherwise you just look ignorant and silly. My critique of their comments was valid as they did not make clear the sarcastic nature of their comments, which they still haven't. Your critique of my comment failed to take into account the flawed nature of the originating comments. You can say " I just decided to use my brain " and marginalize my comment by saying " but hey, whatever floats your boat ", but in the end you are in error because you failed to acknowledge the flaws in the originating comments. Are we clear enough now?

Back on topic;
It would seem that SquareEnix didn't actually lose the source code for games in question, they were never in possession of it to begin with as said source code went missing before they made the acquisitions of the companies who created the games in question. This is not uncommon when one company acquires another.
Ahhhh... my bad... you’re not just immune to sarcasm but also lack a sense of humour... carry on then...