SSD detected as HDD in W10 64 bit

I had purchased a new SSD External Drive USB 3.0, I was so excited about cloning my old HDD OS to.
I am using an old Mother Board, Gigabyte GA P67A-D3-B3-V1.
When I was setting my machine up to handle SSD rather than HDD, it came to a screeching halt sadly for me!
I noticed that in Defragment Disk lists it as Hard Disk and Power Shell > Get-PhysicalDisk lists it as Unspecified.
I have the External SDD plugged into a U.S.B. 3.0 but Benchmarks are giving me a transfer rate of U.S.B. 2.0.
I have tried Command Prompt > winsat diskformal to no avail.
I have tried Power Shell > Set-PhysicalDisk –FriendlyName "Drive Name" -MediaType SSD but it is not part of a Storage Pool so obviously that failed (this is beyond my expertise).

1. Can the improper identification in OS (and obviously BIOS) be a product of MB not capable of identifying it as SDD and thinking its HDD?

2. If the answer to 1. is Yes, is there a way into tricking or manipulating O.S. into rightfully thinking it is an SDD?

3. Is the slower benchmark speed of USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 a product of it being identified as a HDD? I am trying not to go to it being fraudulent. I am hoping that this is a valid SSD, and because of the age of my equipment it is not identifying/working correctly.

I understand if I continue, I will not be able to use TRIM which puts the device at a HUGE disadvantage for performance. If this is due to the age of my MB, is there a way I can stil TRIM the SSD and have it running at 3.0 like it is supposed to?
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I have a new laptop. Installed speccy, 2gb of gfx card showing. I have 3060 6gb, so uninstalled and got cpu-z. installed, correct item showing. Good. ...

So 1. Software can be outdated. But you checked a defrag tool. Big tip here. Don't defrag an SSD. Just don't bother.
Get the right software to find the correct hardware.

So 2. Update bios. Have you checked a bios update? can't hurt, although again, rule of thumb, is if pc is working, and you don't need to, don't update it, can always fudge your pc.
That update though could lead to seeing the ssd labelled correctly.
Have you gone into device manager anyways to see if its labelled correctly there? Have you installed any drivers ? Did it come with a disc or software? If so when you open said software does it say SSD.

Does your mobo allow for upgrades, you could in theory buy a usb 3.0 pcie card I guess and have some 3.0 ports, but only benchmarking I guess would confirm it was running how you wanted.

I think if you only have 2.0 you should consider getting a new mobo, but then that means new cpu probably, new ram, new psu, oh a new pc.

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I believe the limitation here is the enclosure. Most enclosures will work but Windows will see the SSD as a HDD. This is problematic for trash collection or trim. That won't get done and the SSD will perform badly as it fills up.

If you want Windows to run from the SSD in the USB enclosure I think you will have more problems. I don't think it will work. I know the MAC OS X doesn't care but Windows might be more fussy.

My suggestion is to use a SSD like a Samsung 960 or 970 EVO SATA and it comes with support for free software called Samsung Disk Migration. It will clone your existing OS on to the SSD in a enclosure (or you can connect a bare SSD with a 2nd SATA cable, which is what I do). Once the cloning is done you remove the old HDD and put the SSD in and Bob is your Uncle, you are good to go =)
Thank-you for your valuable information. I apologize it has taken me so long to reply, I had an emergency come up and was out of town for the duration. I just got back the other day and discovered it was a fraudulent SSD. It was only a FlashDrive operating at USB2.0 instead of advertised 3.1 with only 64GB of storage instead of 1T.
Thank-you @3volv3d, good tips if anyone else has this problem. Thank-you for the warning regarding never to defrag SSD, I am aware that will kill them QUICK. I only go there to confirm disk type. As I was replying to Kshipper, I was gone for quite a while due to emergency, and since found out it was fraudulent. Thankfully vendor gave me my money back and still have the device. Thinking of using it for system cash or something IDK dont trust storing anything on it.