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By Kev32
Aug 9, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I've been having quite a few crashes in a lot of my games (mostly the ones designed for nvidia e.g San Andreas, Sims 2 etc.) referencing a 0xc0000005 fatal crash. My PC does not restart, simply crashes to desktop. I checked google and it says that 0xc0000005 errors in games are usually 70% of the time due to device drivers with around 50% caused by Graphics drivers. I'm currently running the latest catalyst 5.7 drivers and was wondering if anyone knew of any stable catalyst versions which I could test? I'm pretty sure it's graphics drivers as Farcry and Half Life 2 run like charms.

    {EDIT} SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! Just received a BSOD, ran the minidump through windbg and it came out as most probably caused by ati2dvag.dll :evil: Anyone who can infiltrate the minidump further to help me with my problem is willing to try.

    {EDIT2} Ok So I degraded to 3.1 (my original discs drivers) and everything has gone haywire, windows freezes, restarts everything!!
  2. Kev32

    Kev32 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 75

    Ok I'm going to upgrade to 5.5, if I can recall correctly my PC problems all started back when I installed 5.6 before playing San Andreas. Will report on the situation.

    {EDIT} Ok so I degraded to 5.5 and tested out Warcraft 3 (primary crasher) and have had no problems, no BSOD's, Farcry looks a bit less exquiste but is still amazing and tranquil as ever. I checked the net, apparently ATI made some major changes when developing cat drivers 5.6 & 5.7. When 5.8 come out later this month I'll give em a go.
  3. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Think .5, .6, and .7 had opengl optimizations. I have noticed far better grafix in opengl games since running them, much less ugly mipmapping at standard settings with no performance hit.

    If the driver you are running now doesn't work out, a ver from the 4.0 series might be tried next.
  4. Kev32

    Kev32 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 75

    Hmmmmmm...perhaps then once upgraded to 5.5 my PC's problems began.....Anywho I've upgraded to ATI catalyst 5.8 and so far alls running smoothly (got crashes with 5.5) if these continue to give me gried I'll degrade to a 4.x driver.

    Thanks blakhart!
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