STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl

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Jul 28, 2008
  1. I'm having problems loading this game! A message from xray bug system keeps appearing telling me that there is a system crash everytime I try to play the game. I have tried uninstall/reinstall and this hasn't helped. I have adjusted system specs so the page file has a greater capacity. Has anyone else had similar problems? What can i do to solve this?
  2. CCT

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    'What can i do to solve this?'

    You can start by putting your system specs in your profile so people can have the full picture.

  3. alexis101

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    System specs now available, sorry!
  4. CCT

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  5. TimeParadoX

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    This game, even though it did come out a few years ago, is very hardware demanding. It's nearly a requirement to have 1.5gigs or more RAM to play without having unbearable lag. Also integrated videocards aren't supported by S:SoC.
  6. EXCellR8

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    + the XRay engine has some pretty bad optimization so you're most likely gonna lag anyways unless you do a little tweaking
  7. TimeParadoX

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    I made a few mods and tweaks for STALKER, I can run at decent resolution ( I believe it was 1400x900, native is 1680x1050 ) and it runs at 45-60fps with Vsync on. You just have to know the engine, most tweaks you could do manually yourself in a few minutes just by changing values on the configuration files. The game itself is actually really optimized for the style it was created in, most "horror" genres stick to level by level with almost no consistency in the level designs except for the occasional scary ghoul you saw a level back. STALKER maps are gigantic in scale, if you played towards the end where you're in Chernobyl you'll know what I'm talking about. In Half-Life 2 the maps were very small and separated by loading screens every 5-10 minutes of gameplay, if you decompiled the maps and looked at one of the bigger maps such as Ravenholme you'd see that it's split into about 3 sections with loading screens.
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