Startup programs sometimes run, sometimes not

By Firepig
Oct 20, 2013
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  1. I have three programs that are supposed to run on startup - an encryption program, Skype, and a backup utility. All are set to run on startup using their internal settings, which I guess means thy run from Registry settings. They are all shown as Enabled in the Start-up tab of Task Manager.
    Apparently randomly, they fail to start perhaps 40% of the time when Windows starts, and I have to run them manually. They all run or none does. It seems to go in waves, with the problem seeming to go away for a while then returning.
    I am running Windows 8 on an HP desktop PC, and I have Norton 360 running (which starts with no problems). UAC is on. Fast Start-up is Off. There is nothing in my global or user Start-up folders other one script, which runs with no problems.
    Any suggestions gratefully received!

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