Steam hits its highest-ever concurrent player count; top-seller Cyberpunk 2077 gains 'Very...


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What just happened? Steam broke its concurrent user record over the weekend when over 27 million individual accounts were logged into the platform at the same time. There were several factors that contributed to the achievement, including the Steam Autumn Sale and Thanksgiving.

SteamDB reports that Steam saw a concurrent user record yesterday at 7:00 AM PT/10:00 AM ET when 27,384,959 people were logged in simultaneously, breaking a record set around 24 hours earlier when 27,182,165 users were all on the platform together. And while 7.8 million of them were in-game, that was still lower than the record 8.1 million in-game concurrent player record from March 2020.

The games with the most simultaneous players at the time of the record were CS:GO with 915,791 players, Dota 2 with 677,744 players, and PUBG on 344,841 players. New World, Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2, and Halo Infinite also helped push up the concurrent user numbers. Cyberpunk 2077, meanwhile, is now the global top-seller and has earned a 'Very Positive' recent reviews rating, which comes soon after CD Projekt Red President Adam Kiciński said it would become a “very good game.”

Thanksgiving weekend always sees heavy user numbers on Steam. The platform is also in the middle of its Autumn Sale—check out some of the best deals—which attracts more people than usual. Those who managed to grab some new PC hardware in the Black Friday sales could have been looking to test their new equipment on a few titles, too.

Steam has broken its concurrent user record several times since the pandemic began at the start of last year; for comparison, there were just over 17 million concurrent users on Steam in November 2019, 10 million fewer than yesterday. The previous concurrent record before last weekend was set in February 2021, when 26.4 million people were logged into the service.

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I was very unimpressed by the "deals" of the Autumn Sale. I saw very few actual discounts compared to a few days earlier.
The Autumn Sale was too close to Black Friday and the soon to be Winter/Holiday Sale. I don't know how many devs want the sales to be made so often.