'Steam Sections' coming to GameStop, EB Games, and Game UK stores

By Scorpus
Oct 6, 2015
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  1. Valve has partnered with several major video game retailers to put 'Steam Sections' in their stores, bringing Steam hardware and pre-paid Steam cards to a dedicated section in popular retail outlets.

    The Sections will be available in GameStop, EB Games and Game UK stores across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom later this fall. What you'll find in these Sections is a range of Steam Hardware devices, including the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and of course Steam Machines, as well as pre-paid cards redeemable on the Steam platform.

    According to Valve's managing director, Gabe Newell, getting these Steam Sections in retail outlets is "a significant win for getting the first generation of Steam Hardware products into gamers' hands."

    All of the aforementioned Steam Hardware will hit retail stores, including Steam Sections if they are ready in time, on November 10. Steam Machines, designed for living room gaming, will start at $449 and exceed $1,000 for models with better hardware, while the Controller and Link will each be available for $49.99.

    Retail outlets for games have been steadily declining since the shift to digital distribution begun, so by selling hardware in their stores rather than PC games themselves, these retailers equipped with Steam Sections could re-capture some of the PC gaming market that has essentially deserted them.

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  2. Lurker101

    Lurker101 TS Evangelist Posts: 820   +345

    The PC gaming market couldn't care less about what hardware is in Game and Gamestop. They'll continue to buy everything cheaper and with more convenience online. This is for the casuals and console users who are looking to dip their toes into the ocean of PC gaming without sacrificing what little convenience they still have left.
    And once these consumers have access to steam, what further need will they have of Game and Gamestop, as far as their shiny new Steam machines are concerned?

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