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Steam's Autumn sale is now live

By midian182 · 7 replies
Nov 22, 2018
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  1. The Autumn Sale is once again packed with bargains across the board, but the best-selling item right now isn’t a game; it’s the Steam Link. After all but confirming that the devices were being discontinued, and that stock is running low, the tiny box has been reduced by 95 percent to a ridiculously low $2.50. I still use mine regularly to stream games from the bedroom to the living room TV, and while there is an app version, this is still a great deal.

    Valve’s hardware also takes up the second and third best-seller slots with the Steam Controller & Link bundle and the controller on its own, which have been discounted by 64 percent and 30 percent, respectively.

    Some of the more popular offers include Monster Hunter: World ($39.59), Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition ($29.24), NieR: Automata ($29.99), and Total War: Warhammer II ($29.99), all of which have at some point appeared in our ‘Best PC games you should be playing’ feature. For something newer, the excellent Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is down to $40.19, and Valkyria Chronicles 4 for $29.99 is a personal recommendation.

    Some of the best bargains are on Civilization VI ($18), Rainbow Six Siege ($14), Age of Empires 2 HD ($4), and Dead by Daylight ($10).

    Alongside the sale comes Steam’s end of year awards. Players can nominate a title for a particular category by selecting the option on its Steam Page. Winners from a pool of finalists will be voted on during the Winter Sale, with the results announced in February.

    The Steam Autumn Sale runs up until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on November 27

    Here are this year’s Steam Award Categories:

    • Game of the Year
    • VR Game of the Year,
    • The Labor of Love Award,
    • Best Developer Award,
    • Best Environment Award,
    • Better With Friends Award,
    • Best Alternate History Award,
    • Most Fun With A Machine Award

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  2. Bubbajim

    Bubbajim TechSpot Staff Posts: 692   +674

    Aaaaaand the Steamlinks are all sold out. Dang it.
  3. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,074   +188

    =/ you lovely people are missing the real deal here, don't waste your pay check on a small sale like that.

    Aim for the steam holidays sale, this is where you can really get things you wanted from 60.00 range.
  4. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,539   +3,915

    Yeah, not very impressive at all and that game "Make America Great Again" featuring Trump .... what a laugh from a guy that admits he won't visit our troops in a war zone because he's afraid ........ what a coward!
  5. toooooot

    toooooot TS Evangelist Posts: 895   +429

    I need Odysseys for 20 :(
  6. mrjgriffin

    mrjgriffin TS Evangelist Posts: 349   +163

    As somone with 2k hours in dead by daylight. don't buy it. devs are more concerned with releasing new content 4x a year and releasing cosmetics every week for real money instead of fixing the immense amount of glitches and bugs in the game. kiss my *** behaviour, I'm glad your game is dying.
  7. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Evangelist Posts: 1,074   +188

    Strangely enough some girls actually are playing the hell out of that game right now.
    Then again some girls personalities are abit dark, weird, and twisted despite looking cute in real life.
  8. ShagnWagn

    ShagnWagn TS Guru Posts: 773   +605

    While you're reply doesn't really have anything to do with the article, I try to avoid politics, but have other presidents done this? Do you have a link from a reputable (not tabloid fake news or liberal) site saying this? I know there is a lot of (stupid) hate specific to just this President. Especially ones that think Dems have never done anything "wrong".

    I was hoping there was a sale on the newest expansion to be released for civ6. I don't have hopes they will have fixed the AI though.

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