Steve Jobs dies at age 56


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Apple cofounder and tech visionary Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56. The news has been confirmed by Apple itself and follows just over a month after…

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Not unlike the iCloud jokes floating around facebook.

RIP Steve. Grew up in the age of mobile device innovation. You did a lot for my business.


It must have been extremely hard for Tim and Phil to give that presentation yesterday, knowing in the back of their minds where Steve Jobs was and what was likely to happen to him. R.I.P.


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I wasn't a huge fan of Steve and his ways with Apple, but it's very sad to think about the family he has left behind.


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Gotta respect a guy who had a possibly the biggest influence on technological trends for the last 5 years. I'm shocked that it happened so quickly, guess Apple wanted to keep focus on the new release of the iPhone 4S as oppose to his health, R.I.P


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A genius in his own right. Too bad not every genius is beneficial to the world.
You know, I've been pleasantly surprised at the posts here, I expected a lot more disrespectful posts. Yours isn't even disrespectful so much, its more of just incorrect. Even if you hate him and hate Apple, his work and vision has influenced almost every interaction people have with their computers and smartphones. You don't think the computers most people use and the smartphones a lot of people use are beneficial to people?


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A sad day indeed. The world has lost a visionary, a brilliant man whose work had a profound impact on various industries and many people's lives. Rest in peace Steve, you will be missed.


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I've never been a fan of Apple, or their closed architecture design, but I have always had the utmost respect for Steve Jobs (even though I frequently made jokes about him). Steve, you were one of the most innovative and valuable leaders of our technology community, and your passing is going to hit the technology world very hard for many years to come. You were a brilliant mind, a wonderful philanthropist, and we wouldn't be where we are today without your hard work, and determination. Rest in peace. :(


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SNGX1275 said:
You know, I've been pleasantly surprised at the posts here, I expected a lot more disrespectful posts
Really? Whilst most people (on this forum) don't like Apple and Steve Jobs, we still had respect for the guy, even when he was alive


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Didn't Steve just step down from any real position of power with Apple? So in very short order, Steve step's down, then dies, damn! Talk about a terrible blow to the technology world, for Steve was a super innovator. I wonder what will happen with Apple and possibly any ideas that Steve had for the company and it's products before his passing. I can only hope that Apple currently has some very skilled and competent and very innovative running the show, for Steve's shoes will be very hard to fill.

R.I.P. Mr. Jobs