Stop 0x0000007E Errors

By zenithangunn
Dec 18, 2008
  1. I work in a pc repair shop and have gotten stuck a few times with machines that suddenly get 0x0000007E errors. I actually have two in the shop right now with them. They booted fine, I ran a few virus scans on one and removed norton from the other and now dead in the water.

    Things I've attempted:

    Tried removing all the none stock drivers from the windows\system32\drivers folder
    Attempted repair install, same error
    CHKDSK /f
    Memtest & HD tests, both passed

    I'd really like to find a way past this error, I've had a few machines with it in the past in here and we've just ended up forced to do a Fresh Install almost everytime.

    Yes I've googled the code and read the various posts, sadly not many of them have a solution other then reformat.

    Since I started a repair install on the machines, safe mode is not an option. The two machines have different specs entirely, though both sata hard disks.
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