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Jan 29, 2008
  1. Hi guys.

    I've been getting BSOD's for the past 2 weeks now and I'm completely stumped as to why. We haven't changed or added software or hardware to my knowledge recently. Of course, I'm not the only one who uses this PC so anything's possible.

    This is a printer's main PC so having it crash every time we access files on the network is extremely inconvenient.

    System specs are:
    Dell XPS Dimension 400/9150
    2 GB Ram
    3.2 Ghz Pentium 4
    Windows XP SP2

    Thus far I've tried:
    Bios update
    Chipset update
    Network card driver
    Ran Dell Diagnostics
    Windows Memory Diagnostics
    Windows Updates
    Microsoft Updates
    Driver Reset Tool
    Ran extended memory test
    Safemode with networking (crashed)
    Regcure (online "fixer" utility)
    Virus scan

    I'm officially stumped. I'm thinking it may be my network card or it's driver since it only crashes while accessing files over the network.

    I have today's minidumps attached. There have been several every day since the 14th.

    Anything anyone can do to help, I will be forever in your debt.


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  2. Route44

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    All three of your minidumps state an 0x8E error noting in particular ntkrnlmp.exe which can mean just about anything. :(


    A kernel mode program generated an exception which the error handler didn’t catch. These are nearly always hardware compatibility issues (which sometimes means a driver issue or a need for a BIOS upgrade).

    You have gone through a lot to rectify this problem. From what I have been reading several postings on the net suggest that the registery may be corrupted.

    One person fixed the problem by doing a Windows repair via the Windows disk but since it is a Dell most likely you don't have the disk.

    Perhaps it is your NIC card as you suggested with a bad driver. They are known to go.
  3. AllegraTX

    AllegraTX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you...

    Thank you for your help! I'll keep trouble shooting.
  4. AllegraTX

    AllegraTX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Update to my problem

    Hi there,

    I thought I'd post an update on this issue.

    I tried to do the repair Windows install with the CD but wound up totally messing up my system. It didn't really matter though because erasing the hard drive and reinstalling everything was going to be my next step anyway.

    So... reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling is what fixed my problem.

  5. Route44

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    Thanks for the update and I am glad all worked out for you.
  6. cpc2004

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