Stop error on boot, Stop error while loading windows installer

By tibbs2
Jan 10, 2010
  1. I have a big challenge here for you guys. Here's the situation:

    I shut down a computer while i was running scandisk on it. This caused corruption in the NTFS and now it boots to the blue screen with the error Stop: 0x00000024

    I've tried all methods of safe boot and command prompt and receive the same error.

    I tried to boot from the windows installation disk. When it attempts to load NTFS, it crashes to blue screen with the error Stop: 0x0000007B

    Now here is where it gets tricky:

    1. I'm in Japan and this computer is in Japanese.
    2. The only other computer I have access to is Japanese MacBook Air (1 usb port, no CD or floppy drive, Haven't used a mac in 9 years)

    I've spent the last few hours researching a way to make one of my USB drives bootable for windows on my mac but havent figured it out.

    I think I'm screwed here as I know all I need to do is run chkdsk or some form of it to repair the ntfs files but I can't conceive of a way to do it.

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