Strange pixelation

By benjaminosauras ยท 5 replies
Nov 2, 2008
  1. Not sure how to describe this.

    Basically, I was playing a game on my PC this evening, and the in game graphics bugged, some of the ground textures disappeared and my frame rate dropped to 2fps or something around that.

    Haven't seen it happen before, so I alt+tab out to see if its just the game, which it appears it is.

    So I quit, start it up again, and its fine for a few more hours. Then it goes again, but this time differently; hard to describe, the whole screen did a kind of Venetian blind effect, lines would stick and it was clearly a graphics bug... So again, I alt+tab out, and it seems fine, so I quit the game.

    Open up Firefox to google the problem and there is pixels sticking almost like the Venetian blind thing, but just probably 6x6 pixel squares... all in the middle of the screen.

    Its hard to explain so I tried taking a screenshot as best I could. First things that pop into my mind were overheating, but I have the Asus realtime Overclocking wotsit dooda in the spare CD drive bay which has a realtime display of clock speed, fan speed and temperature and they all seemed normal.

    Yes I have got the latest drivers from Nvidia. The card itself is only about 9months old, and my monitor is about a week old.


    My Spec is as follows:

    AMD X2 4200+
    1GB RAM
    Asus A8N SLi-SE motherboard
    Asus EN8600GT
    Windows XP Pro
  2. CCT

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    Go through your monitor manual and find the method to have it auto-settup.

    Try that.

    Also, try different settings like 1024x768 etc and 16 bit instead of 32 bit. Just things to mess with to see where the problem starts.
  3. banic

    banic TS Rookie Posts: 24

    I would have guessed the same as you, overheated graphic card.
    If I were you I'd have shut down PC as soon as I saw the "pixelation". Let it cool down for a while, maybe opened the case, remove graphic card, check fans, clean it from dust and back again. Then start in VGA driver mode and if problem not solved, return it back. I guess you have one year warranty.
  4. Gamer Z

    Gamer Z TS Rookie

    It could be overheated graphics card, it could be the monitor but my guess is its the driver.
  5. banic

    banic TS Rookie Posts: 24

    His problem started when he was playing which mean it's probably graphic card issue. Monitor problem is rare and if so, the only solution is in most cases by replacing the cables or the monitor itself.
  6. benjaminosauras

    benjaminosauras TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well it's fine this morning when I turn my pc on.

    I'll give it an hour of gaming and see what it does.

    This was it last night before I went to sleep, a bit clearer than the other screeny.

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