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Stubborn Vista BSOD - help needed

By cwaynem · 6 replies
Dec 31, 2008
  1. Thanks in advance for the BSOD help. I am at my wit’s end on this computer (eMachines T5226). We have been having BSOD problems for months. I ran memory tests for days with no luck. I ran disk checks. Finally, we thought it was Norton 360. I removed it and the problem went away for a while. Then it came back. I increased the memory from 1G to 2G and the performance seemed better, but I still get the BSOD (almost always the same error) I tried removing other software with no luck. I finally did a complete Vista reinstall from the eMachines recovery disk. It seemed better for a while, but after all the Vista updates were installed, it started getting BSOD again and now they seem to be coming more frequently. From what I could tell, it seemed the defrag utility was causing it to die. On one day, I got 11 crashes. I turned off the scheduled defrag and the frequency of crashes got better. I ran the defrag manually with no problems. I attached several minidumps in the hopes that someone can give me a clue.

    Attached Files:

  2. Xolotl

    Xolotl TS Rookie

    Try your sticks of RAM individually.
  3. cwaynem

    cwaynem TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have been running the memory test for 8 hours - no errors. I will continue to let it run overnight. Any other suggestions? I noticed the box has a 300W power supply. Does that seem light? Many of the crashes happen at around the same time. Does anyone think an undersized power supply could cause this type problem? Is there anything in the minidump to give a clue?
  4. brucethetech

    brucethetech TS Enthusiast Posts: 229

    power supply wattage depends on what additional hardware you've added that wasnt from the manufacturer. just adding ram your safe with the wattage that came with the pc. some BSOD's provide information about the corrupt file enough to where you can search that file and see what's using it. it may be a bad driver or hardware
  5. cwaynem

    cwaynem TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. I'll have to admit I am an amateur at reading the minidump files. Does anyone see anything in the files I included that may indicate what could be the problem? eMachines does not have any updated drivers. I went to the manufacturer's web site and downloaded their later drivers, but no change in the BSOD. The memory test continues to run with no errors.
  6. misha

    misha TS Rookie

    dude, i realise that this sounds very simple, but just try doing windows update. and instead of the priority updates, try installing all the other recommended updates. from my experience, half of the bsod problem disappears after that.

    my guess is this: during the auto defragging, the computer enters into sleep mode and was awaken forcibly by the ongoing ops. my office had two comps with similar issue and and it was resolved in that manner.

    keep us posted though
  7. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    I'd say it's a driver issue

    Firstly un-install Avast fully, then use Avira instead
    Actually I agree with the above post, about completing all Windows Updates including Custom driver updates too.

    Two of the Minidumps sited "luafv.sys" (File Virtualization Filter Driver) as the cause
    There were a few reports that this may be to do with your network drivers.

    You could either roll-back your network drivers or confirm they are definitely updated (MS, in this one case, being the first option) Or actually remove them from Device Manager (Start->search-> Devmgmt.msc) Then allow Windows to find and set the drivers up automatcally again.

    Try that ;)
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