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Sudden graphics issue on Dell Laptop

By Chronus
Aug 8, 2013
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  1. Long of it

    Hey, I was playing Minecraft this Friday night when suddenly the screen stopped working correctly.

    The moniter diplays everything fuzzy, similer to the background here [​IMG]

    However, at the top of my screen maybe about a centimeter, everything is fine. I can see the title bar of open folders, and even managed to move my task bar up to the top of the screen and can see it about half way.

    I can start the computer, and access folders/programs threw guessing where the icons are, or using the keyboard to select the icons. Works best when I have hot keys to work with, to remove the clicking guesswork.

    I'm not sure what is going on with my laptop, I purchased it almost a year ago, on June 9th, 2012. So I'm probably out of luck on the manufacturer's warranty, but I did purchase the 2 year warranty from Wallmart, so I'm trying there. But as my collage classes start on the 19th, sooner I can get my laptop working the better.


    Short of it

    The graphics on my Dell Laptop ain't working properly, I can see a centimeter at the top properly, but that is it. The computer itself still works, I can open/access everything, I just don't have a visual on the GUI to make clicking things easy.

    Is there anything I can do to alleviate this problem while waiting to hear back about my warranty? Or am I just out of luck?

    My laptop is an Inspiron N5050
    Intel Core i3-2330M Processor
    4GB Memory
    Integrated Intel HD Graphics

    Windows 7 Home Premiun (64-bit)
    Microsoft Office Starter 2010
    Dell Stage software
  2. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,585   +252

    It's the sort of screen corruption seen when the integrated graphics are shot. The laptop probably needs a new motherboard. Playing high intensity video games for long periods on laptops isn't a good idea unless they have been designed to do the job. That warranty should come in handy.

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