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Suddenly MS is Telling Me my OS is Not Genuine

By Route44
Jun 26, 2016
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  1. I have a Lenovo T430 laptop that came with MS 7 64. The only thing I changed out was the hard drive to an SSD and the single channel 4 gig RAM to 8 gig dual channel. Both were done over a year ago and I had no issues with these upgrades at all.

    Now I don't use my laptop for anything else than business and only that while I am on the road. To be honest I hadn't touched it since late April when the last MS updating occurred. Tonight I decided to boot it up to upgrade said system. As soon as the desktop screen loads I get the message that my OS is not genuine.

    When I check my System Status under the Control panel the Windows Activation section shows no activation nor any Product ID. It's blank which was never the case prior to now.

    I ran Avast and Malwarebytes and there was no infections.

    Was there an update in late April that caused any issues such as this? I am stumped so any advice will be welcomed.
  2. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,582   +248

    I've not had W7 for a long time but you can certainly enter your Microsoft key to validate Windows. See if you can find it on a sticker under the laptop or maybe it came with an installation disk. Find the authorization code and then google how to validate W7.

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