Sudeki always crashes my PC

By Gamma7
Apr 26, 2005
  1. Hi there....

    Yep, i've got another problem now.
    I bought me the PC-version of the Game SUDEKI.
    Installing was working fine.
    I started the game for first time an i insert the CD-Key.
    So long so god, but when the protection- and disc (DVD) -check
    was done, the game crashed my computer.
    I was searching for the same prob's in different boards in the net.
    But all hints and suggestions i found are not working.
    I tried changing resolution, enable/disable VPU-recover,
    i enabled/disabled the shadows and for last i found some
    description about the AC97 -onboard-soundchip, which
    also cause trouble with the game.
    The AC97 is dissabled, 'cause i use an Soundcard (Creative SB Live).
    That cannot be the Problem.
    I also do not use any RAID-controller, which has also described
    as an bug-causer.
    So i have no more suggestion how to fix the problem.

    I gave the game to a frient to check, if it works on his pc.
    The game did not crash his pc, but his screen has been left black
    after starting the game.
    He tried to fix it with the same tricks, but it also did not work.
    *ahhhrrgg, *#+%ยง*

    Similar Problems i had to fix on other newer games too!
    The software companies are going to force me,
    downloading illegal software if they go on by this way!
    Almost evry second game i bougt causes heavy problems first,
    before im able to fix them that i can play them!
    What crap is ist?
    I will come next time to that conclusion not buing any longer
    bug-poisoned software, but downloading them in an illegal way.
    'cause it's awaste of money spending on games
    they will not come to work on my machine!
    I'm really angry! I'm getting MAD!

  2. Gamma7

    Gamma7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The game crashes my PC with the well known BLUESCREEN!
    After that ist first makes a picture of the physic RAM,
    or how is that called....
  3. Gamma7

    Gamma7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ...a few weeks later!
    Sudeki killed my Window-xp completely a week before.

    My linux-partition has gone forever....

    ...and... i've got a lot hard work, to reinstall the Windows
    again and all the stuff i had befor.
    Now my system is almost in the same state like before
    that destructive crash.

    But, now, i know, what the main problem was.

    Sudeki has to be installd on the same HD whre your windows
    is installed.
    I installed it in another partition on another HD.
    Sudeki does not like that!

    ... if someone is interrested......
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