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Navin Talati

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Dear Friends,

I need forum members’ valuable advice, guidance and suggeswtion for selecting a most suitable Laptop. I have also gone through the report on “THE BEST LAPTOP” on the TECHSPOT. As presently the market is so much flooded with the similarly looking items. With the manufacturers’ competitive attitude of projecting that their product is the best and hiding the loop-holes (naturally..!), it is very difficult to conclude and reaching to the final selection of the item. And when the end user is a non-technical w.r.t. computer science (like me!)- the activity of selecting them most suitable Laptop becomes a battle-job. Hence I need your help.

My predominant requirement is something like under:

  • Attending Online classes and Video conferencing
  • Fast processors and 1 TB storage capacity
  • Robust over all make with MoBo, RAM, ODD
  • USB-3, USB-2, Card reader, Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth,
  • Inbuilt Web Cam, Speaker, Video/Audio In & Out .
  • 15-17 inch screen
  • Smooth and seamless working and rendering
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • Cost Range : INR 40K to 60K (approximate, may relax for suitable option)

I afraid that it may not be possible to fulfill all the requirements, however let us reach the possible max. level of them.

Please guide.

Regards in anticipation.

Navin Talati / 01-08-2020