Suggestions on £300-£400 upgrade for improved Flight Sim performance

By adamuk
Jul 10, 2011
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  1. Hi guys.

    I was looking for a little advice please. I brought the Packard Bell iextreme M5722 around 18 months ago.

    I have recently started using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. However I was wondering what I can do to upgrade so I have smoother play and more FPS. I am hoping to spend no more than about £300-£400, What can I do to get the best possible experience?

    Here are my system specs;

    Packard Bell ixtreme M5722
    Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8300 @2.50GHz 2.50GHz
    64-Bit OS
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GT220 1GB DDR2, Direct X 11

    Also, the upgrades I need how do I make sure they will go into my machine??

    I do have some pictures but unfortunatly i need 5 posts :(
  2. captaincranky

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    I really don't know what you're expecting from FS 2004. The game's requirements are very low in the first place. In fact, it can be run easily from some integrated graphics platforms. No matter what system you run it on, you won't ever think you're watching footage from "Top Gun".

    It is actually intended to be a pilot training aid, more so than an action game. Presumably it's single threaded, since it's from the P-4 era.

    M$ Flight Simulator "X", has much higher requirements, and along with them, better graphics. However, people complain about, "low FPS" with that game, even in very high powered computers.

    Your graphics card is weak. It's not much better than integrated graphics. If you want to make an overall big improvement in your machine, I's suggest you replace the video card with a GT-460 or better. This being dependent on what's on sale at the moment, and how far you plan to take your gaming.

    If you want a more exiting aircraft based game, I'd suggest you investigate other more combat oriented games. I think there are extension packages for FS-2004 & FS "X", which will give you more aircraft, but I don't know if they enhance the, "playability".

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