Summer computer temps.

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Jun 4, 2006
  1. Hello, California is currently going through a heatwave with temps of up to 90-100 degrees. Because of this, my comp has been getting hot lately. My Athlon XP 2800+ Processer reached a temp of 62 degrees from the normal 56 degrees, both HDDs reached 54 degrees and my motherboard temp went up to 45. Are these temps safe? or should I just shut off my comp until I can buy better cooling equippment?
  2. CrossFire851

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    Well that's normal here and the temps out side are messured in fahrenheit, were as computer temps are messured in celsius.

    So you computer is at 63 C were as in fahernheit it's at 143 dregres. That is very close to frying. Clean out all the dust inside the case with some compresed air in can.

    Another great thing to do is not use the computer around noon.

    go out side and swim, it's what I do like everyone else in Cali
  3. GTGear

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    Yeah, my bad, All those temps I listed are in celcius..
  4. CMH

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    lol, 100C in a heatwave, how does your comp survive? :D
  5. GTGear

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    No idea, lol, luck I suppose. Well today, I bought some more fans for it. Got temps down. My HDDs are now 46C and my Processor temp is 57. I think I'm also going to change the room where my comp is at. It really gets hot sometimes.
  6. CMH

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    100C, how do YOU survive? Thats boiling temp lol :D

    Did you clean out the dust? That helps a bunch. Its still quite high though, you'd want to reduce another 5-10C there I think.
  7. GTGear

    GTGear TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31

    I dont know how I survive..But I'm never doing that again. My precious HDDs could've dyed lol. The temps are cooling down but around noon..I'm still turning off my comp.
  8. CMH

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    You don't have to shutdown the comp if you want to use it though. Modern CPUs have auto shutdown, so if the temps reach critical, it will automatically shut itself down. Might shorten the lifespan of your chips by a couple of years, but it'll still last long enough to be obsolete.
  9. jezreex

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    before I bought a water cooling kit for my comp my cpu temp sky rocketed to 70-70 c at load and 60-65c at idle but i overclocked it at 2.3ghz by the way my cpu is amd x2 3800 stock at 2.0ghz. now that I am using water to cool down my system I was able to overclock my comp at 2.5ghz (stable) and my temp is just around 45-50c at idle and 50-55c at load. water cooling really helps a lot in cooling your computer specially if you are using it often for games and graphic intensive work.
  10. CMH

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    Crap, how did I know this topic was gonna go into watercooling again....

    There are many hassles in watercooling that many consumers cannot be bothered with, so I do suggest that unless the user asks about it, aircooling should be the only thing duscussed.

    If GTGear wants to know more, there's many threads already written on watercooling in the last few weeks on this forum, read those, many issues surrounding watercooling have been covered there.

    I believe that if you need to ask "are these temps safe" you probably aren't ready for watercooling. Watercooling for now is still the domain of hobbyists.
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