Super Talent announces new USB 3.0 SuperCrypt drive, 16GB Express Drive to cost less than $70

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Super Talent unveiled its third and latest USB 3.0 flash drive at CeBIT this week. Dubbed SuperCrypt Drive, the new series promises read speeds of up to 240MB/s and two different AES encryption options: 128-bit ECB on the regular SuperCrypt and 256-bit XTS encryption on the SuperCrypt Pro drive. Additionally, both units offer an STT encryption utility for password control.

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Weird - USB 3.0 was hanging around the wings for years waiting for manufacturer's to finally pony up and make the appropriate devices. Now it's like the flood gates have opened up.


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It is about time for these devices to come to fruition. We have heard about USB 3.0 for years, but finally it is getting to the point where the average IT worker will start seeing these come down the pipe.


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Chicken and Egg or who goes first

I agree TomSea. I think it may have been a chicken and egg principle or who is going to be first out of the gate. I guess the device manufactures were waitning for the motherboard MFGs to support it. In any event it looks like the flood gates are opened. I wonder what Intel is thinking about this since they are delaying support, until there own light peak is further along.


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That's not bad on price a good 16 GB USB 2.0 is like 40 bucks with out shopping around. But that's worth the extra money if the promised performance is there.


I wish that it had the narrow footprint because given it's width, it will be hard to use on some systems if other USB devices are already plugged in. Otherwise the price, given the storage capability and the fact that it a USB3 device, is excellent.


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Yah there has barely been a whisper about USB 3.o devices, now BOOM! everyone is kicking them out. Hope the prices come down soon for both the devices and the ports.


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Wow, I'm surprised at how inexpensive this is. I just need to get a USB 3.0 card for my computer.


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If more tech comes out at This price, I might just be upgrading my PC a little earlier. USB 3.0 Does seem to be taking off now with more and more devices hitting the market.


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This is a really good point the footprint of this may make it difficult to use on a lot of systems in the corporate world. It would be especially difficult to use on a 1u server if any of the other usb ports are in use. But, that is why God created USB extension cords right?
One thing that sometimes get overlooked in these types of usb drives is the width of the unit and that sometimes it cannot fit next to other usb devices. Some times have to use a usb extension, unfortunatly.


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Best bang for buck USB 3 drives with encryption out there? I think so, I might get the 16 or 32 GB versions. I wonder the speeds on these things ooo.


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Thats a pretty awesome deal! It comes with the best encryption, speed and capacity of a USB drive. But I'd also need a card for my mobo I'm not too curious about Superspeed just yet.
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