Svchost.exe + AcGenrall.dll

By ridhzie
Feb 1, 2010
  1. Hi..
    I'm having a problem with these 2 computer works fine initially and after a while..the generic host process for win32 error warning appear reporting these 2 services as malfunctioning. sound devices is not working any longer and I can't even browse other computers on the network. I've restarted my computer..everything is working fine again and until some time..the problem show up..I've tried the 8 steps but I'm having problem with the scanning. I did scan using avira (updated) and the spybot search and rescue. before these 2 even finish computer will suddenly shut, n i have to turn off the power switch and turn on again to get my computer running....

    now I'm getting tired of this..formatting would be my last resort..but plz guide me so that i don't have to use that method..

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