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Syntax error message, Windows XP

By jbzeigler
Aug 11, 2010
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  1. Windows XP operating system desktop PC.

    I'm receiving a Syntax error message when attempting to access the Internet.

    I've tried different websites (e.g. Google, Yahoo, CNN, etc.) and know that I am using all of my grammar correctly.

    Ping to the router is successful. Ping to the other PC on my home network is successful. Ping to Google, Yahoo or anything else has timed out and failed.

    I initially thought that it was a malware issue. I've scanned this PC heavily using AVG, Spybot Search & Destroy and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Malwarebytes found 2 issues immediately which were resolved. PC was rebooted, scans were performed again and came up clean. Still no Internet connection. I've verified that the IP address is set to dynamic (automatically configured) and every other setting looks to be good.

    Am I missing something here? Obviously the router works, the cables work, the NIC works but something within the OS/firewall/etc. is blocking this.

    I'd appreciate any and all help. Thank you in advance.

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