System/config missing/corrupted

By bakurayuri
Nov 4, 2011
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  1. I am having a problem related to graphic card, but today, the problem become worse. Now, I can't turn on my computer. I have two hard disk at home (one is xp, another is 7), but I normally used XP. Today when I turned on XP, it show me error related to system/config ("Windows cannot start because of missing or corrupt file:\windows\system32\config\system").

    I tried to start at safe mode, but still the error popped up. So I tried to reformat, but blue screen of death "bad_pool_caller" popped up. In the end, I plug in my window 7 hard disk instead of xp. I turned it on, but stuck in loading screen. Tried safe mode and it worked. Tried to reformat but bad_pool_caller popped up. So what should I do ? It is strange, I don't know whether graphic card or my motherboard is damage. I couldn't do anything right now ... except safe mode in window 7 ...
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    Do you have your Windows disks?

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