System halted - Alert! Incompatible processor detected

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Feb 27, 2009
  1. Hello. I read the post about this subject already, and proceeded with going to dell forums, but I cant load the website for some reason on this stone age computer. The story starts with me having sound issues with my Dimension 5150 after i re-installed xp onto it due to a corrupt harddrive. I put another harddrive in the 5150, and installed XP onto it. Everything looked in working order until i realized that I had no sound coming from my speakers. I downloaded all of the latest drivers from dell, so I thought I did... I had already went to 5 different forums to try and help me out with this problem.. relatively same advice from all. So since the drivers didn't seem to work for me,.. I went to the dell drivers page and was going to update every single driver I saw... unfortunatly, I first started with the BIOS updates, and I didn't see that it was the A02 driver, and mine was A05. So after I extracted the files for the A02 driver and rebooted my pc, I got the message almost immediatly,"System halted! Alert! Incompatible processor detected." I have already tried using the jumper and connecting the 2 and 3 pins and then back to 1 and 2 ... multiple times, and I have taken the battery out and waited for a minute or so and put it back in multiple times. As I was reading the other thread about the same situation, I found that none of that would work because the computer never actually boots, so all of that trying to reset the jumper and taking out the battery has no effect since the A02 driver is the only one I have on the system and doesn't recognize my processor, which I'm assuming... nothing at all gets processed? :)
    So what is my alternative method in your opinion? try to locate a cheap CPU that is compatible with the A02 driver and install it and reverse what I did?.. or just buy another computer?

    Sorry for the long intro.

    Thanks :)
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    It really seams to me that you installed the BIOS for the incorrect machine motherboard.
    As you have now discovered, installing a BIOS is a dangerous process, and you may have destroyed your motherboard. The problem is with the motherboard, not the CPU.
    Newer boards have protections against BIOS installation errors, but older computers do not.
    You might try booting to SAFE MODE to see if that will work for you. But otherwise, I think your motherboard is done for.
    If you have a floppy drive, download the correct BIOS to a Floppy disk on another computer then put the floppy in your computer to BOOT to the BIOS floppy to see if it will install.
    If not, start looking for a new motherboard on eBay, or go to someplace like PcSurplusOnline for a used computer or PCSolutions
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    Thanks for the info. Well, the computer is not that old. It's a Dell 5150, and I was pretty sure that since the drivers were there to update on that specific model, it wouldn't cause anything near the issue that has happened. One thing I forgot to mention on the topic at first is that I don't have any P2/S hookups. I'm all USB, and it is not acknowledging the keyboard or mouse, so there is no way for me to go any further to try and fix the problem. Therefore, no booting into safe mode...No booting into anything. Is there anything that can be done about this?

    Thanks :)
  4. kimsland

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    I don't understand this part :confused:

    There are many links to Dell support here:

    Find a computer that can get to Dell support, and ask them for help ;)
  5. ULTIMA2448

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    That was a few days ago when I wrote that part when I couldn't load the dell forums page on a 98' model presario :) I have been to dell forums since then and am waiting on a response back from them on the issue. I must have a faulty mobo, because one would think that they wouldn't have conflicting drivers for download, but ya never know :/ I'm having problem after problem with this PC...
  6. Lardy1664

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    When you say you have no PS/2 hookups do you mean on the mother board? If that's the case ignore the next bit.

    Whats the connection on the keyboard that your using atm on the 98 Presario?? If it's a ps/2try this in the effected pc and spam the Del key as you turn on to try to access the BIOS.

    If it's not a PS/2 connection then buy one for a few $ and connect that to try to get into the bios as it boots . You might then be able to set the pc to boot from a floppy that has the correct bios programme on to load it back.
  7. ULTIMA2448

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    Thanks for the info. That sounds like the best way to go... probably the only way to go. This is uncharted territory for me here, so I hope I can get my system up and running again, and if I can't, then it will be a good learning experience.
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