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Aug 9, 2008
  1. My younger brother recently had to reformat his PC but after completely reformatting he couldn't get his sound to work. I took a look at it, installed all the drivers I could find, even the ones that shouldn't be necessary for his sound card to start functioning properly and had no luck. Then I checked under the audio devices in the control panel and it said that there was no sound card. From what I've heard it's usually like this if you haven't installed the drivers but I have, I've downloaded the driver from multiple sources now (one of them being the original driver CD that came with his desktop) and nothing has worked. I'm really not sure where to go from here, any help would be appreciated. He's using an old Dell Dimension 8200 with a Creative Labs sb0200 onboard soundcard.
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    1. Install Everest Home Edition. Run it and look under Multimedia. You see the card listed somewhere under it?

    2. Did you try finding the right drivers from

    3. Look in Device Manager (right click My Computer, select Manage from context menu, click Device Manager) Any unknown devices listed? (Usually has a big yellow question mark to the left as the icon for the entry)
  3. Domovoi

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    1.) Alright, I ran Everest and it came up with the sound card "Creative SB Live! Series Audio Processor" under the PCI/PnP Audio tab.

    2.) When I tried to install the driver it said "Setup could not detect any sound blaster audio card on your system. Please ensure that your soundblaster hardware is properly installed before running this setup program."

    3.) I checked and it had "Multimeda Audio Controller" and "PCI Input Device" as unrecognized
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    So i'm guessing this is the original sound card that came with the Dell?

    Where did you get the driver from? If it wasn't from Dell, suggest you try there.
    • Click here to go to Dell Drivers and Downloads for the Dimension 8200
    • Then expand section on Audio (i.e. hit the '+' plus sign)
    • You should find 2 things for the SB Live! sound card driver (look thru the entries to confirm they match what you have)
      • There's Creative Labs - Driver dated 4/5/2002. (Click on the link below it labeled Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 512V to get the download and get install instructions.
      • AND you want Creative Labs - Patch/Upgrade dated 4/8/2002. Again click on link you see to get download and install instructions
    Try installing both then reboot. Let me know if it works or not.
  5. Domovoi

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    It is the original sound card, yeah. I got the drivers off of the Drivers and Utilities installation CD that came with the desktop. However I tried them from the dell site too just in case and still no luck
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    1.Try going into your BIOS & check the settings for on-board sound
    & enable it.

    2.if that didnt worked,boot to safe mode & install the sound driver.

    3.lastly,update your windows & install the driver.

    if the option 3 didnt worked in normal mode,boot to safe mode
    again & install the driver.(after windows update).
  7. Domovoi

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    Sorry, I completely forgot I didn't reply to this last night. I was even sitting on the page about to >.> Anyways
    1.) I checked the onboard sound and it was already enabled
    2.) I booted to safe mode installed the driver and got absolutely nothing EDIT: However, it *did* actually let me install the driver this time whereas last time it said that it couldn't detect any sound blaster card on your system if that's of any significance.
    3.) It's been fully patched since the start, first thing that I did, the only thing it's missing is IE7.
  8. turbo1

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    the driver is already installed & the sound card was detected.

    now,go to your device manager,click start > run , in the open box
    type devmgmt.msc.scroll down & check if you see any yellow
    flag in the sound video & game controller section.

    if no yellow flags & if you can now see the onboard sound (creative labs),
    right click then enable it.

    play a music using wmp & let me know if you receive any error message.
  9. Domovoi

    Domovoi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It shows up exactly the same as before, it doesn't call it Creative labs, only "Multimeda Audio Controller" and "PCI Input Device" both with yellow question marks and an overlapping exclamation point. I went to the properties for both to check and they were both enabled in any case. As for media players both WMP and Itunes couldn't play it, Itunes said there was a problem with my audio configuration and WMP said an unknown error occurred.
  10. turbo1

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    ok,click start > run , in the open box type dxdiag.

    directx diagnostic tool screen will open,

    click the "save all informations" below & a report will
    be generated in it to your desktop & attach
    the report in your next reply.
  11. Domovoi

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    So long as I didn't mess up the attachment it should be here.

    Attached Files:

  12. turbo1

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    are you sure this is the onboard sound?
    or is there something in the PCI slot (please confirm),an
    add-on card like this Creative Labs sb0200 ?

    this is the mainboards audio:

    Audio controller: Analog Devices AD1885 AC97 Codec

    Present only on computers with integrated audio capabilities.

    and there's no sound drivers installed yet.
    no hardwares detected (sound chip) as well.
  13. Domovoi

    Domovoi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, so it's not onboard, I assumed my brother was right, my mistake I suppose. The sound card takes up two of the PCI slots on the bottom of the mobo. If the drivers I'm installing aren't getting to it for some reason, how do I fix that? Or at least how do I get audio drivers (or at least find out which ones I need) for the onboard sound card that comes with the 8200?
  14. turbo1

    turbo1 TS Maniac Posts: 353 its a PCI sound card.

    un-install the sound driver in add/remove programs:
    (Creative Labs sb0200)

    this time,you need to disable the onboard sound in BIOS.

    if in BIOS has an option to enable the PCI slot for add-on sound card,
    then select that one.

    Now,shut down your machine,open your tower
    and move the PCI sound card to another PCI slot.

    when done,power up & install the sound driver (cd) that comes with
    the PCI sound card.

    if that didnt worked,boot again to safe mode & from there,
    install the sound driver.

    & test the sound.
  15. Domovoi

    Domovoi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It doesn't show any audio driver installed in Add/Remove Programs, the only driver it has is the Nvidia display driver which obviously isn't it. I'm assuming this means something has been messing up the installation every time, or it doesn't show up there at all?
  16. turbo1

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    ok,so that's sound drivers installed.

    did you proceed with the next steps?

  17. Domovoi

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    I disabled onboard sound and checked for an option to enable the PCI slot but couldn't find it. I did not, however, try to switch the sound card to a different slot, it's strange, like 2 cards taking up 2 slots connected by a wire and seemed like a lot of work when coupled with the fact that a Dell tower case is tediously hard to open and work inside of. If that's my only other option I'll get him to do it and see how it turns out.
  18. turbo1

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