System turns on but wont boot to BIOS

By ideans86
Mar 14, 2011
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  1. I recently had a power outage in my neighborhood while I was at work, when I got home my computer was off so I turned it back on, the system starts up, the cpu fans and hard disks all turn on, but no signal is sent to either my monitor or my firebox (firewire audio box, been using as an external sound card as well). I have taken the battery out of my motherboard for a minute then put it back in, no change. I disconnected all extra devices and removed any extra cards that weren't essential, from my motherboard. Still no luck. I swapped the PSU with an identical one from another machine that was working fine and still no change. I had even removed my memory and tried to boot to see if I would get any different results and it seems the system isn't even getting as far as looking for memory. Any ideas on what the problem might be and how I might go about solving it would be greatly appreciated.

    System specs as good as I can remember:

    windows 7
    asus m3n72-d motherboard
    300w Power supply
    seagate barracuda 7200rpm, 320 GB primary HDD
    hitachi 7200RPM 82.3 GB secondaryHDD
    2 x 2048MB DDR2 corsair memory
  2. Mark56

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    It does not sound good. About the only thing left you could try is flashing the bios, follow this guide for instructions. The Bios is the first trigger in the boot process so it could just be that a power surge has corrupted it. Unforunately it could be that a power surge has fried the motherboard and/or the Bios chip. Bios chips can be replaced and might be worth considering but a new motherboard may work out cheaper. Have you tried another monitor or graphics card?
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    I feel for you. I just got done going something like this myself, my problem was a direct lightening strike. Damaged the mother board, in a way it took me a month to figure it all out and about $100 to fix, even with all parts still under warranty, my computer is only 6 months old.

    Anyways, do you not hear any beeps when attempting to boot?

    Look in your motherboard manual (or find online) and find the section were in describes what the beeps mean.

    If no beeps than check to make sure speaker is installed, if you have one.

    If so, then sounds like a hardware problem. Could be motherboard, CPU, RAM, or GPU.

    You will need to test all the parts in another machine. If you cant, then I'd take them to the nearest (or best) local PC shop and have them test them all for you.

    Hope you still got warranty?

    Take Care,

  4. Mark56

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    I wish you luck with this but just wanted to add one small piece of advise. Purchase a good quality Anti Surge Protector, that should stop any chance of this happening again.

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