T2682 Led/Switchboard Wires

By dixie63
Aug 21, 2008
  1. Howdy Everyone! Can anyone help me with the pwr led, pwr s/w and Hdd Led wires location. I was checking friends computer which I know the psu is dead and pretty sure motherboard is too. I opened the case just checking all wires and connections. I pulled the wires coming from switch on mobo, I thought it was one plug well I pulled it was three seperated wires pwr led pwr s/w and hdd led. Now not sure how they go back poor me. on board where the wires goes there are lots of pins only a couple are used for the power switch and led. A picture or text would be a big help. Or does it matter where they go? Thanks and Have a great day. Todd
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    Usually the pins are labeled on the board itself but it can be a little tricky to get them working correctly sometimes. The motherboard's manual should have a diagram of how the wires go. You can probably go to the manufacturer's site and download a .pdf of the manual. I'm guessing that's an eMachines system? They usually have their manuals available for download, try here:

  3. dixie63

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    Thanks for the responds. I did check out emachine.com. I've read everything that I could find. I didn't look for downloadable .pdf of manual. Yes It's a emachine T2682I did looked at mobo board to see if there are any number what goes on those pins and where.I got a new PSU to check the motherboard. Just hoping to have wires on right pins. I'll check out emachine website again. Thanks for taking time to help. Have a great evening. Todd
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