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0.7a updated by tipstir 11/5/2010
features what was in v0.6b but fixed issues with wifi, sd card, video bumped up to v0.7a
WMT2.0.0_105 drivers replaces WT2.0.0_088 drivers
Removed apps
Added much more apps (66 apps total)
Updated apps
Updated drivers
Can be over clocked!

Current Download: ROM_MOD_ePAD7a_2.0.0_105 (Win installer will install it on your SDCARD as script folder)

Bonus Wallpaper Collection Package (45) to use with the included installed Magic Wall
Current Download: Wallpaper 45

Note: Version number will still say 1.9_88v4 until that gets fixed, just know it's v0.7a v2.0.0_105
0.6 updated by tipstir 11/5/2010
features what was in v0.4a but some improvements to jump it up to v0.6b
WMT2.088 drivers replaces 1.9_88 drivers
Ad blocking host updated/installed as of 10/30/10
Mega PowerTools included/installed
PowerElite 2010 included/installed
PowerDoc 2010 included/installed
PowerExtreme 2010 A Bunch of apps and games never added before like WeFi on Android added for WiFi /installed
Wallpaper is not included due to the size of this huge file.

I've re-engineer the prior ROM that gives you 400MHz, but I've added my touches to the ROM to make it more stable.
This stuff works, just might take a bit longer to boot-up on the first shot because of all the full app versions included.
Stuff I never released prior. I've remove some apps that were in the prior release. The new drivers speed-up the ROM
more than the prior version. I didn't have WMT2.1.1_105 to add but WMT2.0.0_88 still good enough

Boot screen looks like that above, I made that myself which I am good at. Well this is it for now..

Prior Download: ROM_MOD_ePADv06 (installer will install it on your SDCARD as script folder

Note when it boots up it still going to show 1.9_88 that will be worked out in the next release.
0.4 initial [RUDROID] by HidePerso

*Google Market
*TxPower=30 in /system/etc/wireless/RT2870STA/RT2870STA.dat
*New kernel (up to 400Mhz)
*New busybox 1.17.1
*New memory settings
+ES File Explorer 1.4
+Titanium BackUp (Free)
+SlideMe app
+AptoIde app
+Google Maps 4.4.0
+Swapper 0.2.0
+Home switcher (set and switch launchers)
?Change 3G config to work with Huawey 1550 (Megafon)


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Some additional tweaks you may find helpful to improve the speed and battery. The Swapper is enabled. I would disable it and stop it from running. Along with the Backup Program. If you don't think you'll use them best to uninstall them. Beside cache mate pro you have quick cache cleaner that goes beyond what cache mate does though. It's also a Rooted program. Below is the SetCPU installed by default and speed is 350MHz.

Very stable at this rate.

Max is 528MHz (not stable for me though)

More here for ePad


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ePad Rom Update

I downloaded the new ROM and Windows XP Pro with sp3 does not know what to do with it. In your post you said, (Win installer will install it on your SDCARD as script folder)

Any sugestions?

Also would you happen to know how to connect my Gome ePad with my Blackberry Bold 9650 smartphone so I can be connect to internet using my phone?

Thanks for the help and the roms.

enjoy the day


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The installer is there to help you get the ROM onto your microSD card. Then you would be all set to turn on your table and install the new ROM update. These tablets are really easy to update.


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how to install update onto tablet

Hi I have just downloaded the update but I am unsure as to how you install the updated script onto the tablet as there is no installer?

can anybody help me thanks


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