Tablet BlueBird RT100 No USB

Tablet: [BlueBird] [RT100] [WINDOWS8.1]
BIOS / firmware: [BIOS version] attach a photo
Operating system: [Windows8.1)
Power supply connected to the tablet? [Yeah]
Power supply output amperage: [2.0 A]
microSD card: yes
Peripherals connected (wired / wireless): it has only a micro usb both to load and transfer data
Tablet screen brightness: [100%]
Modifications made on the tablet: [No]
Procesador z3735f Intel
Ram 2gb
Good morning, I will tell you about my problem, hopefully you can help me. I am desperate, I bought this second-hand tablet without much knowledge, touch the bios a lot to be able to install Windows 10, at one point I touched a lot and the bios was unconfigured, now the usb does not recognize me via an OTG adapter, the only mode that comes in is the DNX MODE

Emphasize that this tablet does not have volume buttons

The bios photos were the last one I took