Taiwan wouldn't tolerate US attempts to bomb TSMC in event of China takeover

Oh rly? Why don't you ask Korean War Veterans to tell you?

Now I will mention Vietnam. The Vietnam War was not run by Ho Chi Minh like the commies in the US thought at the time and still do, it was run by a man called "Le Duan" who was a Chinese Puppet and was largely responsible for things like the Tet Offensive and other lesser known battles that killed many Americans. Over 55000 Americans died in Vietnam and as a matter of fact the Soviets were NOT directly responsible as they in fact were pressuring Hanoi to sue for peace. It was the Chinese that kept pressing for more American dead and it was the Chinese again that supplied most of the aid and weapons that made the American defeat possible. (See "The Vietnam War Documentary by Ken Burns")

An American Four Star Admiral called James George Stavridis co-authored a book that says that the next world war will be started by the Chinese. When you see Chinese Marines advancing on Taiwanese soil you will think your statement twice.
The spirit of Chinese military thinking is primarily expressed in the writings of the Chinese general Sun Tzu, in which the view of victory without battle dominates. This is more suited to a diplomat than a military man. This is in contrast to the Koran, for example, which offers warriors paradise, urges them to be extremely aggressive, creates social conditions suitable for a state of war, and so on. Islam is a pure warrior race, the Chinese are not a warrior race, they fight well when necessary, but they are not a warrior race.

PS: They were in their own territory.
China is saber rattling again. What they will probably do, is blockade Taiwan, then say we are only going to
"protect" you. You will be free to continue on as you have in the past. Then, start importing a few "key people"
into Taiwan to "help" them. Once there, little by little change things, get people on polticial boards etc.
In 10 years or so they will control Taiwan.
The same thing happened to HONG KONG.
Hongkong was /is Chinese territory held by the British, just as Macau was held by the Portuguese. both were returned to their original territorial entity, and according to agreements, temporarily under a mixed status and then will be 100% under the status defined by the government. meanwhile, some interested parties try to disrupt that and turn them (at least to hongkong) into a thorn.

The China-Taiwan issue is like saying that in the Spanish civil war the fascist Francoist side lost, went into exile in the Balearic Islands, and said that "they were Spain." Then, some interested parties support them despite being a dictatorship, then they change the recognition to convenience and maintain a strange ambiguous and hypocritical policy in this regard.
but, you know..... geopolitics
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Funny how you claim to not take seriously US threats words (even by a senator), but in the same post you want your words to be taken seriously instead.
I advice you to stick to the facts instead of taking personally, or involving in emotional claims about other forum chat users. Otherwise, between you and that senator, you have just made your "possibilities" to be taken into consideration to plummet to zero so fast.
because this senator doesn't has direct military command. I suggest you take it as an opinion and suggestions, because it is not a fact. a fact means that what this Congressman said are backed by written documents, which is not the case here.

do not think that what a single Congressman said represent the US stance on "TSMC if Taiwan falls to China" issue.

unless you believe what a politician said means will happen 100%, this is currently just an idea that simply isn't put into a motion yet.

EDIT: and I don't need you to take my words so seriously. have I typed that? no, because it's strawman and whatever I said isn't something that you should do. if you didn't want to reconsider the meaning of "what've could've might've", then it's on you.
I'm all for global trade and countries scratching each others back's, but none of this would had ever happened had we just not had greedy corrupt corporatists who wanted to use cheap overseas labor to manufacture their products to sell in the States - they should have kept it all inside... but then they wouldn't be the rich elite folk they are now perhaps. Evil...
2. China will never invade Taiwan regardless of what they say. They've been threatening to do so for decades. Every time they threaten to invade Taiwan it's nothing more than sabre rattling propaganda for domestic consumption. In fact, China has tried multiple times to reclaim Taiwan in the past 70 years and failed every time (look it up, history is fun), and that was before Taiwan had the advanced defensive capabilities they currently have. But all that is moot, because as I said China will never invade them with full force despite what they say.
Putin will never invade Ukraine, it is madness they said. And I agree, No sane human would do it for hundredth of reasons. But spending many years possessing absolute power damages your ability to be sane human, that is proven.
Xi will invade Taiwan if he believes he will succeed no matter the real outcomes.
Dictators are not reasonable people, they do what they please.
People who laugh at Chinese concerns don't understand that Taiwan is effectively a gigantic, hostile aircraft carrier right off the coast of China. The same goes for Ukraine/Russia and NATO encroachment.

No great nation will tolerate a hostile foreign power setting up a fortress right on its borders. It has nothing to do with 'evil dictators'.
POLITICS has become an infuriating game of ego, greed & power feeding off the lives of the masses.
ECONOMICS is not a game & TSMC is the global player. Currently the business operates freely with every country it chooses & the owner likes it that way.
I remember an interview with the owner of TSMC. I believe it was about the CHIPS Act. That he's already broke ground on a new facility here in the US and part of our Gov's offered peerks is he would operate tax free for ? Years.
When asked about (what if CCPA takes control of his facilities in Taiwan?) He stated that the CCPA can never get their hand on his manufacturing technologies, cause that would be the end of the free world. Also said, he/himself would destroy the chip manufacturing section of his TSMC Facility. That it has already been wired with explosives per his direct order.
He went on to say that no one has the knowledge of how to create the machines that build all the chips or process of how their all connected. He points to his head then says it's all up here, that's where I keep my company's secrets.
So, contingencies have been put into place for a worst case scenario. Thus less distractions from focusing on his new TSMC Facility in 🇺🇸.

This man is a patriot and loves his country & people. Just like every man, woman or child should feel about their own countries.

No one likes a bully, unless you're a fighter or the bullies little friend!

But, than again. What do I know...
I'm just an public school dropout. Now a oil refinery worker who's been laid off almost 3 years now (your basic nit-wit, oh boo hoo).
I'm all for global trade and countries scratching each others back's, but none of this would had ever happened had we just not had greedy corrupt corporatists who wanted to use cheap overseas labor to manufacture their products to sell in the States - they should have kept it all inside... but then they wouldn't be the rich elite folk they are now perhaps. Evil...
You should know, Bill Gates has got a little evil in him too.
China does not need to make invasion on the land of Taiwan, it can just do a naval blockade until its demands are met. One of its demands may be to have a referendum in Taiwan to approve that Taiwan is Chinese territory. Another demand may be to have free access to technological products.

With so many long range ballistic missiles that China has on its territory the US has no military response beyond sending submarines. If they send ships they will be sunk. Forget about nuclear nukes, they are non-use weapons.

The Chinese are simply not a warrior race. The US in recent years has gone to war in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and I may be forgetting something, China hasn't gone anywhere. That's why the US while being 300 million are the world leaders while the Chinese who are 1500 million (and as population has higher average IQ) are slaves.

Sadly, the US military has a history of starting/escalating wars but a very poor record of winning them. Yes, the "current president" declares victory, but the "defeated" side eventually gets its way, negating the whole reason to go to war in the first place. You also failed to include the newest one: Ukraine&NATO vs Russia, TBD

The USA vs China living standard analysis is really poor. The USA is the world leader because of the original values that it spouses (freedom, free market, etc.) while the competition (Europe) has a lot of economic speed bumps in place to "protect the workers" and similar reasons. The USA also used to profit from other people's wars, mostly Europe, which is a really good business. Now that changed to bankrolling the wars itself, which is a bad idea, economically speaking.

In the other hand, China has been recovering from an extreme form of communism (Maoism) on a feudal country where people were starving to death and over 60 years or so has became a world power to contend with the big players, mostly with the help of such big players, the irony. I'm not saying that China is a great country (it still has a communist political system, for example) but thinking that "they'll never replace the US" is naive at best. One of the things that the current war has shown is that even though the USA has a big army and "economy" they're easily out produced by the Russians, the Russians! If the conflict were to be with China such production difference would be really shameful.