Taking Aurora for a test drive...

By Zen
Apr 16, 2011
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  1. Greetings folks, I just want to step in real quick and chime in about something. For almost close to a full day I have been taking the new web browser Aurora for a test drive. Seeing that it's made by the Mozilla people, it downloaded nicely, installed heck-a fast, and swiftly imported all my bookmarks and setting from my Mozilla Firefox 4 browser.

    I have to say, that for Mozilla to advertise this as an "unstable" system is crazy! For this is just my opinion, but to me Aurora feels more stable than Firefox 4. I know I might get some heat for saying that, but for me it's true, Aurora comes up faster for me, as far as it's load time. It also launches to my bookmarks and web pages faster and it absolutely loves on line streaming media.

    The only slight draw back that Aurora has is that it's still "experimental" and some of the "add on's" that normally would work with Firefox 4, don't work with Aurora. But Aurora does support most of the normal and traditionally used "themes" and "persona's" that Firefox 4 supports.

    If anyone out there is curious about this new browser and would like to research it, and or take the leap and download it and take it for your own test drive, than you can find that information by clicking on the provided link below.


    I hope they keep this Aurora thing going for a good long while. Because so far I am really liking what I'm seeing! :cool:

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