Team Fortress 2 free to play now

By bluebob951
Jun 24, 2011
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  1. If you have a steam and don't own this game well now you can because it is free. I do own it and i feel like those of us who paid should receive some sort of compensation whether it be game credit of just another game. Sigh oh well, just thought I'd let you all know if you didn't see it already.
  2. Kieron0569

    Kieron0569 TS Rookie

    just got it on steam thanks :3
  3. Devyn

    Devyn TS Rookie

    Haven't really heard of this game... I might try it. looks pretty good im my opinion.
  4. OlegRu

    OlegRu TS Rookie

    My friend told me about this and I got it. I wonder why they decided to give it away for free.... I'm not gonna lie though it's so freakin weird!

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