TechSpot Giveaway: 27-inch monitor, iPad, GTX 460??


TS Rookie
could really use that Shiny CTX 460 to play far cry 2 better!
Thanks! You guys are awesome, keep up the good work on what you do!


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Yeah my old eyeballs ain't what they once were so the 27" monitor would be a great addition to improve my computing time enjoyment online!!!!!!


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Well, I'm planning a new build but have no plans (or extra funds) to include a SSD, so that is what I voted for. A nice option for an OS.


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Hoping to win the Ipad for the Holidays.

TechSpot is d Hottest Tech-site on d Planet trust me, i i check this site everyday.


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I voted for the Apple iPad cuz ive seen them on TV and what they showed what can be done with them it pretty awsome i think my self and also i think it would be cool to have something thats current in todays tech


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I voted for the 27 inch monitor, because I find that with more space I can get a lot more done, regardless of the strength of the computer.


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I voted for the monitor, though the ipad and laptop are also tempting. It would be a nice upgrade, I love watching high quality movies and im only at 720 atm. I don't really need a new video card, cpu or mobo or I likely would have gone this way. Sign me up.


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Love these giveaways, thanks TS

I've voted CPU/mobo/memory, I've been using my 3 year old C2D E6600 rig to render for hours on end and along with regular gaming sessions, the whole system's pretty beaten up :) would be cool to win a free upgrade.


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The 27" monitor seems to be far and away the most valuable item and a significant upgrade to what I am using now.


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I would not mind winning any of those items! Good luck everyone! Oh, but to follow the rules, I would like that 2TB external hard drive. I could always use more backup space.