TechSpot Giveaway: 27-inch monitor, iPad, GTX 460??


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Well I'm getting anxious as the 14Nov deadline approaches, I am still hoping to win the GTX 460 vidcard to drop into my gaming rig as replacement for my 8800GT.


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Everyone congratulate madboyv1 as the winner of the GeForce GTS 450 :). The final drawing will take place this Sunday and we plan to announce the winner Monday morning, so stay tuned for that.


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Thanks, Julio, I voted for the iPad. Being a Stroke Survivor on a limited income, Win or lose, thank you for the chance to win one. I could not afford one on disability. The information you provide keeps us all informed with what is happening in the Tech world. Keep up the Good Work!!


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For some reason I have voted for the IPad today, must be a desire to keep up to date with the latest technology, yes.


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Congratulations madboyv1 for your new video card ^_^ ! It's been fun so far, but we're finally getting close to finding out who the big winner is.


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So when is the winner/winners goin to be released ...........falls to knees "PLEASE LET ME WIN (anything)" !! XD


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A cpu/mobo/memory combo would be great. I'd like to build my fiance's younger brothers a little gaming system for Christmas and this would be a great step towards that. It would also be nice for them to have as they would have a computer at home to do school work on. They're 10 and 7.
contrats bro! thats a really nice thing to do