TechSpot Giveaway: 27-inch monitor, iPad, GTX 460??

I vote for the Ipad, to keep up with technology since my country is far behind in technology............!!
hop i win..!!


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voted for the ipad because i love everything tech but i am too broke to afford anything so i felt it would be the best thing to receive to occupy my time over my 98' desktop. but this is a great giveaway techspot it awesome
i voted for apple ipad. I really need to keep up with the latest country is way far behind in technology
I'd love a budget laptop or netbook. Either one will allow me to write articles while I'm on the go, making sure that I capture all the details so close to any activity or event.


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I voted for the Apple Ipad. I've been a long time TechSpot reader but I just signed up today. Thanks for the motivation to participate :D.
I was going to vote for the 27" monitor, until I saw it's the one I used to own, which I sent back for a refund, as it's pretty poor for an LCD. The Apple IPad gets my vote as it's a quality product which I would love to have, if only I could afford one. :)


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I voted for the GTX 460 cause my GTX 260 could use replacing.

And, I want to join the contest TS!


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definitely the 27" LG will be awesome to watch a 1080p movie on it..but then will be needing a good card to play games upto that resolution..if the GTS 450 card was thrown in with it..that would be the perfect christmas gift for me..ha ha..just wishing for stuffs i can't afford..