TechSpot Giveaway: 27-inch monitor, iPad, GTX 460??


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Has the GTS 450 video card been awarded yet (I guess we're two weeks into this Giveaway period 10/25-11/14)? If not yet awarded, I again hope TechSpot will throw it my way!


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It's Time To Build Again

I definitely went for the MB/CPU/memory as I really want to get started on building my next computer. I'm really ready...please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks much.
While ignorance can be bliss, the Apple iPad still is my favorite choice. It's is great introductory product to the Mac OS. My friends, don't surcome to the temptation of chosing one of the other "fine" products they're offering?
Hello, I have voted for the Apple iPad, which still lead in the vote - Apple iPad 25.04% (438 votes)... well... I like to have one...


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That 128gb solid state drive is flirting with me XD, so I'll pick that since it'll be nice to speed up my booting time and try it on some MMO's.
So I take it the jist of the comment should be to do with the competition, and why we selected the giveaway prize we were interested in? I'm a little confused as to what techspot hopes to gain from this besides new members, might have been fun to have an actively debateable topic instead... Mac v's PC for instance ;) "I prefer PC, because none of the prizes offered work with a mac..." But yar, better processor plez. My custom PC manufacturer ripped me off by telling me they'd installed an i5, turns out they just stuck a sticker on the front and used an i3. And now the shop has closed down. Lame.
I really would like to build my own machine again tbh :( - Currently posting this from my phone. I don't have a computer at the moment - my place burnt down and everything with it. Currently waiting on my insurance company to sort everything out.
My vote went to "128GB solid state drive". It will look good in my new Cooler Master case.
Lots of goodies here. Now this is a true Giveaway.

Good luck all !