Tegra 2-powered eLocity A7 tablet up for preorder


TS Evangelist
Tablets are slowly creeping onto the scene, and Stream TV Networks is looking to cut itself a small slice of the market. The company's eLocity A7 tablet is now up for preorder on Amazon for $370, but there's no word on when it'll actually land on your doorstep. As far as tablets go, the eLocity A7 isn't the prettiest or the fastest, but it has at least one thing going for it: it's the "first" Android 2.2 tablet purchasable in the US. Who knows if it'll actually be the first to ship, because Archos has line of Froyo slates due soon as well.

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TS Maniac
Having the latest from Nvidia is great, but that price will not due. The screen size is good (I'm sure ups the price), but if they really want people to buy in, they need to hit the 250-275 and lower mark. Even if hardware is superior to iPad. No Tablet/Slate will deliver the kind of experience Apple has for some time. Plus, look at the skimpy memory offerings, and the camera please, and no 3G/4G offerings. Not worth my time. I'd rather invest in a cheap notebook for a few more bucks. Just not the right price, given the (rest of the) hardware.