Telnet setup / problem

By duomaxwell
Sep 3, 2009
  1. Hello everyone,

    I would like to set up telnet to work on a small network using xp sp3 machines. (This is for a experiment for learning purposes only). I understand telnet requires port 23 to be forwarded to the pc to be remotely accessed. however, after doing this with my router (D-Link mod:dir 655 ) and disabling all fire walls (only have the windows firewall running) using the tool PFPortChecker
    link at the bottom]
    Port 23 is still blocked and i am still unable to use telnet. I am assuming the port is the problem due to when i try and connect via telnet I get a "Could not connect to host on port 23: connection failed". What could the problem be? where should i troubleshoot first?
  2. jobeard

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    windows ships with only the Telnet client; the system to which you are attempting the connection needs the Telnet Server which then opens the port 23.
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