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I am using a Yahoo mail account which downloads emails to Windows Live Mail on my desktop.

I am being spammed by Online Casino emails, and despite blocking the senders domain in WinLiveMail, it only lasts for a few days and then returns. Also done the same thing with selective blocking in Yahoo Mail account settings for SPAM blocking but same result.

I tried to contact Yahoo Mail tech support to find out if it's possible to turn off my main Yahoo Mail account for a week or two, as it is the one being spammed, but I get no reply. Apart from FAQ does anyone know how to email or live chat Yahoo Mail support?

I can't use the "Unregister" option in the incoming spam mail, or I'll get inundated with commercial emails.

Also tried various options like Mail Washer, etc.

Can anyone think of an option so I don't see these emails, short of closing the account and creating a new one. The thing is, this is my main account I've used in many online registrations.

The weird thing is I've never been on the web site of Online Casino and never use the main email account in emails or online, except for signing in to things like my ISP, Yahoo Mail, etc.


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Yahoo email filters are poor; they only support the model:
block email-id is user@domain
and spammers continue to reach you by changing the user portion. Better email client software supports that as well as:
block email-id contains @domain
and regardless of the email user, that domain gets blocked

fyi: Thunderbird is my favorite email software
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Thanks for the input Jeff
As mentioned in my original post, every time a new email arrives I right click it in WinLiveMail and add the domain to blocked domains. This stops it for a few days, but they must then send it from a different domain.

I did try Thunderbirds a few times but when I clicked an email to forward it, instead of the original email text being included in the body of the forwarded email, the whole original email was included as an attachment.

Has this changed? Cheers PB :)


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the whole original email was included as an attachment.
nope - - still works that way BUT check your preferences, I recall that is an option (inline vs attachment)