Tesla will open Superchargers to other EVs later this year


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It's because the passenger train "system" in the United States, is run by the GOVERNMENT, who can't run anything except into the ground.
That's the problem with being the Government. If you do too much everybody becomes dependent and if you do too little people doubt your ability to function the way they want.


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I'm extremely surprise that the US train system sucks hard, in most of Spain is pretty nice and half of the country is mountains
See, I think elon musk makes no sense. The boring company should be helping to make straight level roads. Remove hills for trains and other vehicles. Surely it would make the batteries last longer on his cars.

The UK train system sucks. Privatized and ruined. The HS2. A high-speed train from London to Scotland and they went around a lake and some houses. Why not go straight ffs. And right up the longest stretch end to end. demolish anything in the way. Just build things properly.