Testing a motherboard

By laptox
Oct 23, 2010
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  1. How do you actually test a motherboard.?

    I usually just work on process of elimination - sort out windows, check the ram - HDD - PSU - but what equipment would you need to test a motherboard ?
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    When i test a motherbaord i make sure i have the following with me:

    1. Known working PSU Unit.
    2. Antistatic strap (i also have put the board on an antistatic bag that i have)
    3.Small Flathead screwdriver

    I assume you know how to locate the front panel switches on the front of the board.

    i sually follow the process below.
    Unplug everything on the board including the RAM.

    1. Plug in a KNOWN working PSU and using the screwdriver jump the two pins on the board that are using for the start/on button. If the CPU fan starts then you know that power is going through the board. If you hear a series of beeps normally 3 shorts ones thats just the board telling you there is no RAM installed. To turn off the board when in this state DONT do it VIA the power supply. If you hold the scredriver agains the on pins for 10 seconds then the board will shut itself down.

    2. once i know there is power through the board i re-install the RAM. again using the same method starte the PSU. again if the CPU fan comes on then you know the board and the RAM is working. IF you here a long continuous beep then there is a fault with the RAM.

    3. Repeat step two but this time use a KNOWN working RAM unit. if you STILL get the beep then there is a fault with the RAM sockets on the board and time for a new mobo :(. If NOT then you kow your old RAM unit is faulty.

    4. If ALL seems to be working with your RAM unit and the mobo and the KNOWN working PSU then there maybe a fault with your old PSU.

    This is not a definitive testing method but hopefully this will help you get started on testing boards.

    If you need any more help just ask.

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