The 14-year-old Warcraft III gets updated to support Windows 10


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It's pretty rare these days for games older than a few years to receive further patches and updates. However, Blizzard Entertainment is still committed to keeping their most popular titles working on modern hardware, which is why they've released a new patch for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Warcraft III is now 14 years old after it launched in July 2002, supporting operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows XP. Now that most gamers have moved on to Windows 7 or Windows 10, Blizzard has released Patch 1.27a for the game that adds in compatibility for Microsoft's newer operating systems.

The patch also includes a new installer for Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11, which now allows Warcraft III to work on modern versions of Mac. There are still some lingering issues with the game, such as minor graphical issues and issues with save game locations, but in general the game should work just fine on today's PCs, even those that aren't suited to gaming.

This won't be the final patch for Warcraft III. A developer for the classic game posted on Blizzard's forums, stating that they're still working "on a balance change and new map pool" which gamers will soon see in the form of a new update.

If you haven't played Warcraft III or want to revisit a critically acclaimed classic, you can buy a copy through Blizzard's online store for $10.

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Nice one Blizzard.

Really wonder what in Win10 breaks these tho???
Probably the compositor. Also need to consider the DX9 backend is different between XP and newer OS's, which has it's share of issues.

Case in point: The first Diablo still runs in Win 7 x64, but I need to kill explorer.exe or you get graphics corruption. The second one (at least before the new patch) had screen flickering and the best graphics options were limited to Glide. Imagine Warcraft has more or less the same issues.

At least the old "End of the World Spell" still works the same. :p
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Does anyone know if WC3 is still 4:3 only or do they finally have 16:9 available for a resolution options?