The ASUS A7N8X-X / A7N8X / A7N8X Deluxe Thread

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Sep 27, 2003
  1. Jhaqen

    Jhaqen TS Rookie

    Thanks for your reply.

    How can I check if the circuit protection is the problem?

    The computer will not power on at all, no activity at all when the power is hit (The two LEDs on the board are lit though). I believe this is how it should work if no/incompatible AGP card is inserted, but the red AGP LED is lit on the motherboard, despite the fact that my AGP card is inserted. The card itself is compatible with the mobo and is working order.

    Also, can a working motherboard operate with a PCI video card and no AGP card?
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    substitute pci graphics card

    The LED next to the agp slot is designated "agp_warn1". To me this suggests that the agp card or slot has a problem.
    Remove the acp graphics card. Install pci graphics card. If neither works, it suggests mobo or elsewhere.

    Bios beep codes (from users manual):
    Video card not found or video card memory bad - 1 Long beep followed by 3 short beeps.

    In some cases of video card failures cause power supply units (psu) to fail also. The green LED on the mobo only monitors one of the feeds. Some psu testers will show LED indications for all feeds. Based on the events you described, it was a risky proposition to move the video card to another computer, since many psu's used in home computers lack the overcurrent circuit protection that is mandated by the standard.

    It's up to you to invest in a spare psu to troubleshoot the problem down this path. In Chicagoland discount retailers make this an affordable option.

  3. dukebo

    dukebo TS Rookie

    Hi, all

    just join the board today. here is my problem. i built this computer and used for 3 yrs now with no problem at all. i turned it on this morning, the computer was fine for 5 mins then it restart by itself, within 5 second, it reboot again.. and never stop doing it.

    in my experience, the CPU must be over heated, so the system lock up itself. so i turn off the pc, opened the case, the temp. on cpu is fine, the fan is also working fine. so i unpluged everything, hard drive, ram, Video card, cd rom. the computer still doing the same thing. rest the pc for about an hr or so, i be able to operate it for a little longer, so get into BIOS, the temp on my cpu is 27 C, but on MB is 62C, remeber this, i just turn on the computer, no way the MB will heat up that fast, i have put my hand next the the MB proccessor chip, it is not even warm. reboot it afew times, then check the BIOS, the Temp. on MB back to normal about 26C. but the problem still exist, the system is keep shouting itself down, and reboot in every 2 or 3 seconds.

    What could be the problem? PSU? CPU? or may be the cpu Fan? the odds have a failure MB is smaller than other in my experience.

    what do you all think?

    I need to fix this problem in hurry, i have 5 test next week, and 2 paper due.

    thanks so much ...
  4. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    crisis & time vs money

    Reply to Dukebo

    In your troubleshooting, the problem presented itself with just the power supply unit (psu) and motherboard connected; disconnected included video card, HDD, CDrom, memory.

    It is up to you how you invest your time & money. Replacing the psu is a reasonable first step. My previous post in this thread related a previous experience where a video card failed and took out the psu, also. Nothing in your post suggests that this is happening.

    For the Asus mobo, return to their forums for help. C.O.P. (thermal protection for the cpu) is a feature of this mobo (my recall could be faulty here).

    Far out things to check: power switch; reset switch. These plug into the mobo.

    If you have enabled memory dumps on system errors, and files are bearing timestamps when the shutdown/restarts occur, then begin a new thread in the appropriate forum where members of the forum assist with interpretting the dumps.
  5. Colonel Tosh

    Colonel Tosh TS Rookie

    Asus A7n8x-x BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC freeze

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, so I wonder if you can help me before we all go and have a wonderful weekend, :)

    So I inherited a pretty decent machine from a friend that he couldn't get to work properly. In the end I unticked 'Enable Write Combining' and was able to get it to run. It's a AMD machine 2800+ the mobo is this Asus A7n8x-x and the video card is that bfg 6800 gt OC. Ram is 1gb (tested for 9 hours and is fine).

    All was fine until i tried to load a couple of games.

    One was STALKER, the other was a beta test for Lord of the Rings online. It doesn't seem to matter which game it is, they would rarely get past a loading screen before the PC freezes. The screen still shows the game, however no blue screen, no reboot, just the mouse freezes as does the last thing on the monitor and that is it, no warning. The orange drive light remains on, and all there is left to do is power down.

    I've been reading this forum thoroughly and trying all the various fixes, BIOS, driver updates etc. I'm not very tech savvy but i can google stuff and have learned a lot about taking apart PC's and trying things methodically, but i am stumped. So my questions are:

    1. If the display and mouse are frozen, but the machine doesnt BSOD, is that any clue to what might be going on?
    2. Would a reinstall of XP be a good idea, since my friend's original install was somewhat half baked, and has dual boot with win2k as an option.
    3. (this is a bit out there but..) Has anyone ever heard of bad wiring in an apartment causing drives to fry consistently, as similar stuff has happened to several drives in an older, unrelated PC in the past.

    thanks in advance for any ideas!
  6. dukebo

    dukebo TS Rookie


    i unpluged everything, including the video card yesterday, the computer seems fine. so i pluged in my memory cards, still OK... so i thought, after all it was because of the VD. great, replaced it with a older VD, the computer work fine all day.

    I thought the problem was solved. but this morning, the samething happened again. so, unpluged everything again, the computer still locked off by itself. so, only opition left is PSU, MB. replace a PSU is the cheapest and easiest way, so ran to Bestbuy, get a new PSU, it works fine now.... it turns out that my video card was fine also, only problem is a bad PSU...

    Thanks for the help rf6647..
  7. Colonel Tosh

    Colonel Tosh TS Rookie

    solved problem

    Well, in brief I answered my own questions when, as a last resort, i removed the 6800gt and blasted air through the fans. After clearing out the accumalated dirt and dust everything works fine again!

    It turns out my friend had kept the case open a long time, and a lot of not so obvious dust had gathered inside.

    So, try everything, but do the obvious first, like cleaning the innards out! This is probably what happened to my older machines.

    peace out
  8. Erik2009

    Erik2009 TS Rookie

    Bios problems

    hey guys, yesterday i anciently Updated my bios on my computer, anyway, i restarted the computer after i updated via Asusupdate program , when i started the computer again, the computer restart @ least 3 -4 times for some reason it's having trouble getting into Windows, i've tried getting into windows but once i get in it restarts itself, my motherboard is : A7N8X -x , i had the original bios before i changed it, i've tried removing the Battery aswell, i just handed it into Computer place just now, just wondering if my bios could be reset to the old version, i updated to version 1009

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