The best laptop and tablet deals you'll find on Black Friday


TS Evangelist
With Black Friday only a week away, we've had plenty of time to review the leaked Black Friday deals from many, many retailers. It's now clear that this is going to be a great year to pick up a laptop...

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TS Evangelist
Thanks for the article because I like knowing about the deals, but I can't bring myself to go out on Black Friday. Hopefully a Black Friday veteran can tell me I'm wrong, but I always figured these great deal 'door buster' sales were gone by 6am and available only to those who waited in line for hours before the store opened to get a coupon.

I always figured if I waited until the story was opened to arrive, that I'd find the item I wanted was sold out long ago, and it probably wouldn't even bother me too much when I saw the line to pay was back around the store.

Maybe I'm wrong... is it possible to actually buy these items at these prices without the extreme measures?