The Best Monitor

Hi everyone

it has been a while since I start looking for a perfect monitor, I found maybe ten with the same specifications I need after that I worked to liquidate them into two, now I want to choose one but I didn't because I don't know which one is the best, please help me guys

I want help to decide between those two, I am confused

1- ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD

2- Philips 328B6QJEB


which of them is the best?

please help me guys
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I know what I need guys, I just want help to decide which one I should choose between these two and why


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Go with view sonic, the only difference between them is audio in/out.
Phillips will let you put audio into the monitor, but view sonic will not do so.
I've had a view sonic monitor in the past, and their image/product quality is pretty rock solid.

The philips has less hdmi mini connection compatibilitys with certain devices but you won't know unless you try one personally.
View Sonic has a 3 year warranty on it, philips is unknown, check with amazon support to find out for sure.

Thats pretty much a basic break down, between.
Both are good products but one has less features, while the other has good resolution/image quality.