The complete list of alternatives to all Google products

I think its funny how there is not Microsoft product in this whole list!! O man the nerve... #MicrosoftForLife
Degoogle Android is useless if Webview implementation is based on Chrome Engine .. it still Google on the core .. even if you use alternative browser .. CMIIW . For hardcore geek you can try Micro-G devices.
Thanks for the List

By the way an error, Qwant is NOT a meta search engine (except for images).
For the rest they have their own index. Using their service since at least 4 years, they have now reached a point where I never get back to Google anymore. And actually when I am on google (on my phone for instance because of that bloody GG search bar that you cannot remove) , I find the results often not accurate.
"Note: With the exception of Mojeek, all of the private search engines above are technically metasearch engines, since they source their results from other search engines, such as Bing and Google."

I'm also sure that DuckDuckGo is also a search engine, not a metasearch.
I hear so much complaining about Google and how much money they're making... But all the services I use and information I get from Google is FREE to the public! I understand what Google does with information... AND I really don't care! All the power to them! I have nothing to hide! I wish I had had the use of Google and YouTube when I was young and going to school! Why do so many people whine about such a good and free information source? Could it maybe be because they're just envious or bored or they simply just like repeating other people's whining complaints? I'm 67 and I've learned so much via Google and YouTube. If you're a person that likes to learn things Google and YouTube are invaluable! So what if they earn money for their services??? So what if they know what you're interested in??? What do all you whiners have to hide?
Yeah, good luck with the whole securing your privacy on the internet thing. After you "get rid of" Google (lol), you'll need to do the same with MS, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, your cell provider, your ISP, your government, and several hundred others.

I totally agree! If you're so paranoid about your info then stay off the internet... That's 100% safe!
Wow, good reading! Very thorough. Thank you.

For searching, I tried using Startpage, but the results are terrible. I tried a specific term and got zero results. I went back to Google and found many links.
I can enter conversions in Google and be provided with results. In Startpage, it lists non-specific results for sites that perform conversions.

I'll keep trying other sites, but for now, at least, Google has the best algorithms and results.
As far as all of the other google products and sites I use, I'll have to make changes over time. Hopefully, better options will become available as people become more security conscious and as time progresses.
Yes, it's called Android.

Found this

And this


There are alternatives. How viable they are compared to Android and iPhone remains to be seen. Depending upon your concerns about privacy. I'm with the point that privacy has fairly much been eliminated on the web, unless you are classified and that's iffy dependent upon the tussles between parties. Valarie Plame comes to mind. All anyone can really do aside from moving under a rock is to not be a target. Live above board. Everyone should be doing that anyway. Until the power goes out, technology is the god of this age.
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For me it's not so much privacy as it is censorship. Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc., enjoy the immunity of a carrier, but are in reality performing as publishers by controlling/editing what people are allowed to see or post. I'd like to see the government break up these monopolies, and in the meantime people should avoid using their products as much as possible.
How about alternatives to Google's ReCaptcha
A person who has a condition on the schizophrenia spectrum may experience delusions and what is commonly known as paranoia.
These delusions may give rise to fears that others are plotting against the individual. Everyone can have a paranoid thought from time to time. On a rough day, we may find ourselves saying "Oh boy, the whole world is out to get me!" But we recognize that this is not the case.

People with paranoia often have an extensive network of paranoid thoughts and ideas.

This can result in a disproportionate amount of time spent thinking up ways for the individual to protect themselves from their perceived persecutors. It can lead to problems in relationships and at work.
Okay let's be honest, you used Google to research everything here, including the alternatives to Google, so are they really viable alternatives? Bing has thought it was an alternative for years, and it still isn't a verb, none of the alternatives are...
No, actually I stopped using google everything about 4 years ago after doing some in-depth research into their company.
I use ONEDRIVE for my personal files.

I use Google Drive for stuff I don't really care about others sharing and seeing.

I have my own private NAS where THE REAL FUN begins.

As for Gmail, it's unavoidable since I am a Youtube partner and rely on Google services for my monthly paycheck. I also have a number of Chinese companies giving me products through Google which I'm sure allows them to see my information so they can use me to advertise their products for them. Privancy on this level isn't a major concern.

My banking apps aren't Google and are encrypted and insured.
Good article. I use StartPage, StartMail, and Firefox fully tweaked for maximum privacy. I didn't know about for Youtube, that's interesting.

One thing that wasn't covered in this article: NewPipe for Android allows you to access Youtube without having Google services installed. It's available from F-Droid's open source app "store."
I have been using Waterfox for years and Runbox for a little over a year. I have no complaints as both seem to be very good.
The opening para that is missing from the article :

Google has been losing its Neutral image at an incredible rate.
Google News is confirmed to cater to a certain political affiliation and is proven by neutral researchers to be promoting a certain political side more over the other.
Youtube is also mired in controversies after controversies by stifling certain voices and demonetizing creators of a certain side.
It doesn't matter what our political ideology are or if we don't care at all about politics, but when a corporation size of Google starts to indulge in such questionable practices and policing of its consumers, we need to take notice and do our part to end the monopoly of Google.
While I agree gagme is a scourge on humanity, I really hate comments like this that give no links. How about a link to the report and let us judge for ourselves just how independent that report is?
StartPage... Just remember... every reason you would have to leave Google's search engine is still present in StartPage. You still get Google's content manipulation and their Search bubble issues.
Why is there a need for alternatives? I don't think Google is the primary for which there is a need for alternatives. And why is it none of MS products are viable 'alternatives'? As I see it, if you're one of the vast majority of computer users, you're already a Windows user, and MS offers the most integrata-ble options.
Yeah, good luck with the whole securing your privacy on the internet thing. After you "get rid of" Google (lol), you'll need to do the same with MS, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, your cell provider, your ISP, your government, and several hundred others.
Yeah, or most people can just accept that they aren't nearly as important as they think they are.
Hey there,
Thanks for this article. I read your article it is true that Google products are best in qualities but there also some alternatives for these products.
We are at China banned Google products and using our own products like Baidu, WeChat, etc. These companies support our economic growth, so we used them.

I really enjoy it...