The Cornerplay: The Nexus 9 offers clues about the future of tablets

By Jeffrey Yuwono ยท 8 replies
Nov 7, 2014
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  1. Along with the Nexus Player, which disappointed, Google's Nexus 9 was also recently released and reviewed. It's been described as having an OK display; good but not jaw dropping performance; above average speakers; nice feel but with small, noticeable flaws; and generally...

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  2. hellokitty[hk]

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    I can't believe people use pounds.
  3. Bobs Yer Uncle

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    Those of us living stateside have difficulty accurately converting "pounds" into "stone".
  4. It's a shame that phablets are killing off the smaller tablets. As nice as the large display on my iPhone 6+ is, there's still a huge difference between that and my iPad mini 2. My mini runs tablet apps and defaults to desktop websites. My iPhone runs phone apps and defaults to mobile websites. My mini can do everything my larger Pad 4 can, but my mini fits in the pocket of my jacket. My wife has a Nexus 7. It too fits inside the pocket of her jacket. The iPad Air 2, as light and thin as it may be, won't fit in any of our pockets and neither will the Nexus 9.

    The Nexus 9 baffles me. It's a little too big to be easily portable and it's a little too small for productivity. The price puts it in iPad territory and 32GB max storage with no SD card slot means you can forget about putting a whole lot of stuff on it. As sweet as lollipop looks (no pun intended), I'd rather pick an iPad any day of the week when the price is this close, simply because of the wide selection of tablet optimized apps available on iOS.
  5. Badvok

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    Even though the physical dimensions are different the iPad Air 2 display shows the same amount of information as the Nexus 9 so I'm not sure you are right to agree with the Verge unless you are someone who just needs things bigger because of eyesight issues.
  6. Kibaruk

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    The thing is... it's hard for a big tablet to feel comfortable in a single hand, because physics.

    When you have a tablet that largely rests on one hand becuase of it's dimensions, all or most of the weight sits on your hand in an "even" or close to even.

    When it's something that you take on your hand but most of the tablet is not on it, it's hanging pulling the other way making it "shift" weight from your hand to hang.

    Sorry if I don't make much sense, sometimes it's hard for me to explain certain things in enlgish (I live in a spanish speaking country).
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  7. Arris

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    I think it comes down to ergonomics. The balance of the weight, shape of the back, placement of buttons etc. all have their impact. I've held a Surface Pro 2 which is 10" screen and because of the overall weight of the device it is uncomfortable for one handed holding (probably why they put a built in kick stand). If I remember correctly from technological studies in school it's 'bending moments' that describe the relation between distance from a fixture point (you grasping the left hand end of the device) to the force required to cause it to bend.

    Simplified it's like opening a door. The closer to the hinge that you push the more force is required to open it. The further from hinge, the easier. So the wider the device, the less weight is required to exert the same force on your hand, pulling it down the way. So even thinning a device down the wider you make it the less comfortable it becomes to hold with one hand.
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  8. Kibaruk

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    ^ This, this was my point.
  9. I think that the 9" size is perfect for a tablet and compliments the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 6. While I like the fact that a keyboard cover is available I don't see this as a laptop replacement not should it be. If you want a machine for typing, pick up a Chromebook - they cost less and are perfect for taking notes and content creation. If you want to primarily consume content, go with a tablet.

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