The Destiny 2 community collectively solved a massive maze, were unimpressed by the reward

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Destiny 2 players have finally cracked a puzzle that has plagued them since last week. However, the reward hardly seemed worth their effort as it was just an exotic weapon that they knew was already coming to the game.

Bungie dropped an extremely complex puzzle mission last week called “Exploring the Corridors of Time” in its weekly reset. The quest has players trying to navigate their way through a complicated time maze accessed via Osiris’ Sundial. The only clues showing the way through the hexagonal labyrinth were symbols appearing on obelisks that seemed to change frequently for each player. To sort through the hints, the community banded together to create a massive spreadsheet of the symbols, which they used to create a map.

Kotaku notes, thousands of players communicated their findings through Discord, Reddit, and Twitch, with some streamers losing nights of sleep over it. Their efforts finally paid off at around 4am EST Monday. The reward: an exotic fusion rifle called “Bastion,” which Bungie had already announced for a January 28 release.

While pretty cool, it was not what players had expected for such a complex puzzle that took hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours to solve. Considering the weapon will be readily available next week, the uniqueness of the prize was somewhat underwhelming. Many thought and hoped it would be the peculiar sword seen during the quest (no spoilers) or an exotic weapon from the original Destiny.

It would seem that Bungie’s intent was to give players who completed the maze the weapon in advance of its release. However, considering it took almost the entire community to solve it before Bastion made its debut makes it that much more lackluster.

That said, players did enjoy the crazy time-shifting puzzle that revealed lore and a surprising twist, which we will not spoil here. "Whoever came up with the labyrinth puzzle is the real GOAT. You deserve 6 raises."

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Sadly, we have created a generation that expects a reward beyond the satisfaction of the pure accomplishment itself.
Solving a single-player campaign would be a case of "the satisfaction of completion is reward enough". But a limited-time quest, completely separate from any single-player campaign or multiplayer standings, & the "reward" is an item that will be available next week to anyone that didn't participate in the special quest anyway? That's completely different.


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Sadly, we have created a generation that expects a reward beyond the satisfaction of the pure accomplishment itself.
It is more about the community coming together to solve actually complicated puzzles, which Destiny is known for. It is only the gaming articles saying the reward was lackluster; it is ridiculously good, just not what people were expecting (or rather the article authors).


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The rewards in Destiny are often underwhelming to say the least, why would anything else be expected for this event puzzle mission?

The key to enjoying video games these days is to lower one's expectations, expect nothing and when you receive something interesting you can legitimately be excited.


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Sadly, we have created a generation that expects a reward beyond the satisfaction of the pure accomplishment itself.
That's because accomplishments chase never end, and also actions, plus balancing the wish vs satisfaction / price and pleasure. So I am guessing the price was too high, and actions too many, while the satisfaction on the value of the loot was slim.